‘Ray Donovan’ Recap: “Bridget”

By August 19, 2013

Ray and his brothers memorialize old Bridget, while young Bridget defies her parents and pays Marvin a visit.

After last week’s nightmare, Abby took Bridget to a therapist. The recommended course of treatment? A belly button ring, so that Bridget could reclaim her body. But nothing on “Ray Donovan” can ever go smoothly. Whereas Abby okayed the piercing (but is angry that Bridget went to get it without her), Ray is infuriated; he’d told Bridget that she couldn’t get pierced until she was 18. It’s no surprise that there’s a communication breakdown between the Donovan parents – it seems rare that Ray and Abby talk about anything, much less agree on it.

Of course, Bridget won’t take her father’s prohibitions lying down; she sneaks out of the house, and pays a visit to her would-be-assailant/boyfriend. Fortunately, Ray scared the shit out of him in the last episode; he put a gun in Marvin’s mouth, dropped him off at his former home in Compton, and told him to stay away from Bridget. Thus, when Bridget makes an ill-advised attempt to have sex with Marvin, he declines…and, surprisingly, phones Abby.

Abby loses her one shining moment of being a decent mother when she goes on a rampage, telling Bridget that, if she gets pregnant, she’ll force her to have the baby. (So much for letting Bridget reclaim her own body). Bridget, of course, throws a fit, calling her parents racist, and her father an animal.

This entire time, Ray thinks that Bridget is holed up in her room at home; Abby even lies to him when he calls to ask. He has his own business to attend to – including torturing Bunchy’s realtor and getting a refund for his brother’s hell-hole of a house.

The three brothers also get together to commemorate their dead sister (the other Bridget) on her birthday. They drink and drive over to Terry’s girlfriend’s house to beat up her husband (who hit Frances). Bunchy decides to pummel their next door neighbor as well when he tries to intervene.

We get a random glimpse at Lena, who is furious that her (married) girlfriend is using her as a mid-life crisis. Naturally, since violence really is the best policy among all of Ray’s cohorts, she decides to channel her anger into a punch in the nose. Down goes her girlfriend, and in come the cops.

Mickey has no idea how to communicate with women (or human beings). He picks up a middle-aged woman in a spa (played by Rosanna Arquette – were there any other “L Word” fans out there wishing she’d had a scene with Katherine Moennig?). He takes her back to his place and demands a blowjob. She tells him she’d only do that if he put a gun to her head; for some reason, he takes this as an invitation. A minute later, he’s holding a gun at her, and she’s on her knees, crying. Fortunately, Mickey realizes that this wasn’t what she had in mind; he may be evil, he’s no rapist. He lets her go, but not without first throwing a bunch of vitriolic insults her way.

Terry goes to confession to talk to the priest about his adultery; the priest is too forgiving for Terry’s taste. He tries to explain that everyone needs love, and Terry bolts from the church. Bunchy sits outside, watching the Catholic school boys return, and getting suspicious of their relationship to the elderly priest.

Abby asks Ray for emotional honesty, but it’s the one thing he can’t give her. She tells him that she could smell his affair on him; he flat out denies it. He goes to Bridget’s room, and tells her he’s not mad at her – just worried. He doesn’t want her to go down the same path as her namesake; the original Bridget Donovan committed suicide while pregnant and on drugs. They sing a song in a nice father-daughter moment that seems out of place in a show about horrible people in horrible relationships.