‘Ray Donovan’ Recap: “New Birthday”

By August 12, 2013

Ray searches for an assassin to take out his father; back on the home front, things go south for the Donovan family.

Much to Abby’s dismay, Ray declares that he’s going to Boston. As per usual, he remains tight-lipped about what he’s doing there. Before he can leave, however, Marvin bursts in with a gun. He’s just discovered that his mother was murdered…and that Ray kept it a secret from him. Ray drags Marvin back to his house, and tells his guardian to keep him away from Bridget.

Neither Bridget nor Abby are pleased with the way Ray handled it. Abby goes to Marvin to give her condolences…but ends the conversation digging for information on her husband. Marvin shuts the door in her face.

Mickey goes to Sean Walker’s movie screening and attends the Q&A after the fact. He stands up and asks Sean to buy the rights to a movie about his life story: a man who was put away for a murder he didn’t commit, while the real killer walked free and became a famous movie star. Sean tries to decline, but the entire audience starts to chant: “Buy it!”

Not only does Sean ultimately agree to buy the picture…he also offers Mickey a multi-picture deal. He’s found a way to get close to Sean, but lies to Agent Miller about it. Miller demands that Mickey get a confession out of Sean ASAP…or else, he says, he’ll send him back to prison.

Meanwhile, in Boston, Ray is searching for a mobster named Sully. No one will give him a straight answer as to Sully’s location. First, he’s told that Sully’s dead, then, he gets beat up by his crew and informed that he’s not in Boston. Finally, he pops by the hair salon to visit Sully’s mother, and she curses him out.

Ray finds Sully hiding out in a church, where he offers to pay him to kill Mickey. Ray wants “the last person [Mickey] sees to hate him as much as” he does, and tells Sully he’ll bring him out to L.A. to do the job. Sully agrees.

Bridget goes over to Marvin’s house for his “new” birthday (which, apparently, comes with his new lifestyle). They sing together, then go to his bedroom to make out. He demands she give him a blowjob; when she refuses, he tries to force her. She manages to get away, and runs out crying.

Abby and Deb go out to lunch and get drunk. They get caught shoplifting shoes and end up in jail. Ray picks Abby up that night, and they have a laugh in the car over her escapades. They start getting frisky at home, but soon discover that Marvin tried to assault Bridget. And, in Ray’s first truly heroic move all season, he grabs Marvin and drags him out to his car. Bridget protests, yelling that Marvin “just got carried away,” and that it was “her fault.” For once, I find myself on Ray’s side as he ignores his daughter’s wishes and takes Marvin off to punish him for his crime.