‘Ray Donovan’ Recap: “Road Trip”

By August 27, 2013


Ray finally shows himself to be a decent father, Mickey gets tired of being under Van’s thumb, and Avi has the worst road trip possible.

Connor wants to go to the Kid’s Choice Awards with Tommy Wheeler. Ray is hesitant, but Connor finally convinces him (finally!) that men who are into transgendered women are not actually pedophiles. Ray lets Connor skip school, and tells Abby to take him shopping for a new suit.


Of course, Ray has to actually get Tommy to the awards first. Tommy is drunk, high, and depressed; he married a transwoman in Vegas, got dumped…and tabloid reporter Marty Grossman is blackmailing him.


So, what’s a Hollywood fixer to do? Marty won’t back off, and even has a bodyguard now. Tommy agrees to pay him off, but Ray has other plans; he runs over the bodyguard with his car, proving that being a bully can pay off in the Hollywood underworld. Crisis averted – and Tommy even arrives at the award show in time to take Connor.


Meanwhile, Lena helps Ray blackmail Frank, the FBI agent under their thumb. If Frank doesn’t turn in the footage of Van, high on LSD, to his superiors, then Ray will introduce his wife to his other family, whom Lena has brought into their offices under the pretext of a modeling opportunity.


Time is running out; Van is demanding that Mickey gets a confession out of Sean Walker. All wired up, Mickey goes into his meeting with the actor, who claims that their movie is going to be huge. Sean tearfully recalls the night that he accidentally killed Ray’s girlfriend…and Van gets it all on tape. It turns out, however, that Ray need not worry about Van; he’s kept the entire investigation to himself. At this point, Mickey cares more about his Hollywood career than revenge; he shoots Van in the back of the head and steals the tapes.


Of course, their problems are not yet over. On the way from Boston to LA, Sully and his girlfriend Catherine make Avi a bit insane; they have to stop every half an hour to use the bathroom. Catherine starts to go stir crazy in the car, and they stop at a motel – not the best plan for one of America’s most wanted. Things go from bad to worse when Sully catches Catherine on the phone with her parents, and strangles her in the motel room, leaving Avi to bury the body.


Finally, they get to LA, and Sully and Ray meet again. Sully refuses to play by Ray’s rules; he wants to use his own gun, and his own transportation. Still, Ray demands that he kill Mickey at a particular venue: Terry’s fight night. (Although “why” remains a mystery). Sully agrees to clean up the kill as well; Ray doesn’t want his family finding the body.