‘Ray Donovan’ Recap: “The Gollum”

By July 30, 2013

Ezra’s on the brink of losing his mind, Ashley’s obsessed with Ray, and Frances has a terrible secret.

Abby seethes at Conor for “ruining” his sister’s chances at getting into Bel Air Academy. Marvin pays Bridget a visit, but she playfully sends him away. Mickey takes Bunchy to the bank, helping him deposit his entire fortune into the checking account. Terry and Frances have sex, and Frances complains about the tattoo he has with his dead ex’s name. She leaves in a hurry, but won’t agree to see him later that day.

And then there’s Ashley. The starlet, completely obsessed with Ray and determined to have sex with him, swings by his apartment and handcuffs herself to the bathroom counter. He gets a call from Ezra’s mistress; the previous night, Ezra had hit someone with his car. Ray leaves Ashley screaming in the bathroom, the handcuff key flushed down the toilet by her own hand. Ray comes to see Ezra in the hospital, and Ezra tells him that the man is in the trunk of his car…and he doesn’t know where it is. Ray finds the car, but there’s only a log in the trunk.

Left to her own devices, Ashley begins using the contents of Ray’s bathroom – deodorant, and a razor. She nicks her leg, and uses her own blood to write her name on the bathroom mirror. Meanwhile, Abby makes a new ‘friend’ (a life coach) in yoga class, and divulges her anxieties to her. She encourages Abby to be open with Ray about her feelings, but Abby takes offense and leaves. With her mom out of the house, Bridget invites Marvin over for pizza, and they–and Conor–get drunk and high. Bridget and Marvin dance on the tabletop, and they later make out on her bed.

Terry calls Frances and finds out she isn’t working, despite what she told him. He again asks her to meet him, and she refuses to see him, and is adamant that he not come over to her house. That night, he comes by anyway, flowers and all…only to discover that she has a husband and son.

Mickey pays Ezra a visit at his home, and confronts Ezra about his role in putting him in prison. As they talk, Ezra becomes delusional, and sees Mickey turning into “the Gollum.” He freaks out, shouting those words over and over again, and Mickey leaves. Outside, he meets with the federal agent again; he was wearing a wire the whole time, but the conversation didn’t provide enough evidence to take anyone down.

Ray sends Lena to uncuff Ashley and escort her out of his apartment. He stops at Marvin’s mother’s house to pick up the custody papers, only to find her shot to death in her chair. Ari calls Ray to tell him he has an address for Mickey’s mysterious contact. There, Ray finds a multitude of figurines (the agent has Star Wars collectibles!)…and a wall full of pictures, including his and Ezra’s.

Ray goes to Ezra’s house and demands that Ezra tell him what Mickey said, but he can’t remember. He reveals that he’s dying of a brain tumor. Meanwhile, Abby goes to Ray’s apartment to speak to him…and finds half of a handcuff chained to the counter, and the beginning of Ashley’s name on the mirror.

Drowning his sorrows in alcohol, Ray channels his anger into sex with Ashley. He returns to his apartment, and is sobbing when Abby finds him and demands to know who he really is.