‘Ray Donovan’ Recap: “Twerk”

By July 15, 2013

Terry gets a date, Bunchy gets his money, and Mickey stalks Ezra in this week’s “Ray Donovan.”

Gathering a smattering of clothes from his closet, Ray ignores his wife as she lashes out at him; he’s hasn’t been home in five days. Eventually, he hands her a couple grand in cash and tells her to buy some new clothes for Ezra’s party that evening. Furious, she screams that she’s not a whore; he can’t buy her off.

Seething, Ray storms into his neighbor’s home, unplugging the amp and shutting down the loud music that was audible even across the street. The house is owned by renowned rapper Re-Kon, and he has a house guest: teen prodigy Marvin Gaye Washington. Re-Kon wants Ray’s help; he needs to buy custody of Marvin.

Still furious, Abby takes Ray’s suits and donates them to the church. Later, during yoga, she bursts into tears and runs out. Having had a change of heart, she returns to pick the clothes back up, and leaves the priest with the pile of money Ray gave her instead.

Mickey pushes Terry and Darryl too hard in the boxing ring, and Terry injures his shoulder. Ray calls a nurse in to look at Terry; she flirts with him. Terry doesn’t flirt back; instead, he’s angry that Ray paid for his treatment. Later that night, however, he meets her in a cafe and awkwardly asks her on a date.

Ray insists on taking Bunchy to the lawyer so that he can pick up his check, but Bunchy doesn’t want to go. Mickey accompanies Bunchy to his group, where he proceeds to make disturbing jokes about rape and pedophiles in a room full of sexual assault survivors. Eventually, the group kicks Mickey out, but the damage is done; Bunchy is a wreck.

On her way back from school, Bridget meets Marvin. He gives her a ride home on his golf cart, and she invites him in. Abby is wary at first–she doesn’t like Bridget having strange boys over when no one else is home–but Marvin offers to help her with the groceries, and Abby starts to warm up to him.

Mickey takes over a library computer, where he proceeds to play the infamous “Twerk” video. He calls Ezra anonymously, and lets the raunchy song play over the phone, sending Ezra into a panic. A federal agent later sits down across from Mickey, who, apparently, has been snitching to them for quite some time. They need his help once more.

The lawyer hands Bunchy his check, and offers to set Ray up with durable power of attorney–giving Ray some semblance of control over his brother’s finances. Bunchy balks; the money is his, and he doesn’t want Ray’s help.

Ray meets with Marvin’s mother, a drug addict. She agrees to sign over custody of her son for a nice fee; after all, she reasons, she’s in no shape to be a parent. That evening, Ray goes to Re-Kon to give him the good news, but he has a few demands. One: Marvin must go to school. Two: Re-Kon must keep Marvin away from all drugs (including pot). And finally, Marvin is to be kept away from any men who might want to take advantage of him physically.

Abby meets Ray at Ezra’s party, where he is unveiling plans for the Ruth Goldman Ovarian Cancer Center (in his wife’s memory). His drunk mistress begins to shout that Ruth had been having an affair with her therapist; Abby gently ushers her out. Ezra’s speech otherwise goes smoothly until he spots Mickey across the room. He freezes and beings to speak in Hebrew.

In Boston, Avi meets with a possible witness to Mickey’s latest crime (which, as it turns out, involved killing the wrong priest). The man agrees to testify in exchange for a chunk of change. Avi calls Ray; with this new testimony, Mickey will undoubtedly be sent back to prison.

That night, Ray and Abby have sex. Meanwhile, things heat up between Bridget and Marvin over IM; he asks to see a picture of “her sweet ass,” and proceeds to sext her a picture of his naked chest.