Read Christopher Nolan’s Prequel Comic to ‘Interstellar’

By November 18, 2014

Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Interstellar, has been the subject of a lot of discussion since its debut a couple of weeks ago. As to be expected from a Nolan film, the sci-fi drama deals with some pretty heady ideas, and has plenty of surprises in store for audiences. One of the biggest surprises – spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the film – is the casting of Matt Damon as Dr. Mann, the almost mythical leader of the Lazarus missions. He’s revered by everyone at NASA (often referred to as “the best of us”), but he turns out to be a coward who faked data in order to have Cooper’s Endurance ship come and rescue him. Not only that, he tries to kill Cooper and steal a ship for himself.

The Dr. Mann that we see is a duplicitous schemer, but what about the man he used to be? Well, Christopher Nolan is guest-editing next month’s issue of Wired Magazine and in it, he’s written a prequel comic that further fills in the backstory of Dr. Mann. The comic is called “Absolute Zero,” and it’s illustrated by Sean Gordon Murphy with Matt Hollingsworth as colorist and Tana Ford as letterer. Check out a preview page below, and head to Wired to read the full seven page comic.

Interstellar comic preview page

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