Regal and AMC Theatres Fight With Disney, Iron Man 3 Ticket Sales Caught In Crossfire

By April 23, 2013

Have tickets to see Iron Man 3 at your local Regal or AMC Theatres opening weekend? Better read this first.

Last week, a storm was brewing between Disney, AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas over Iron Man 3 and how box offices revenues are split with AMC and Regal finally saying “enough is enough” and halting advance ticket sales for the hotly anticipated third chapter in the Iron Man series.

So the story goes like this – Disney wanted to renegotiate terms with AMC and Regal chains, giving the studio a bigger piece of the Iron Man 3 box office pie AND possible upcoming releases.

AMC CEO Gerry Lopez was NOT amused, stating “It goes well beyond anything I have seen in my time in the industry, it’s enough for us to pause and push back.”

And push back Regal and AMC did by halting all ticket sales for the upcoming summer blockbuster and, according to The Wall Street Journal, third-largest theatre chain Cinemark isn’t selling Iron Man 3 tix either but whether that has to do with the fracas is unknown at this point.

If all parties can’t play nice-nice, Iron Man 3‘s opening box office may be super skewed AND may not screen on ANY AMC or Regal theatre screen (which combined have over 800 theatres nationwide). With projected earning revenue of $100 million for opening weekend, most insiders speculate that Disney will back down and all paries involved will reach some kind of agreement before IM3‘s May 3rd release date. And coupled with the fact that Regal previously refused to show Rush Hour 2 when they couldn’t reach an agreement with New Line (the film’s distributor) and REALLY hurt their sales – I wouldn’t mess around with these guys.

House of Mouse is powerful but when no one will peddle your wares AND the majority of movie houses in L.A. are either Regal, AMC or Cinemark, you’re gonna end up with a lot of angry fans (myself included) in your backyard.

So my advice to you advance ticket holders is this: don’t panic but be aware that it COULD be a possibility that Iron Man 3 may not show at your local AMC or Regal, so just keep checking in. I doubt that this’ll happen but I don’t want y’all to be heartbroken if it does.

Iron Man always finds a way to make it happen and so will this film; here’s hoping it’s not at the expense of the fans.


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