Review: Agent Carter S02E09 – “A Little Song and Dance”

By February 24, 2016

In the second episode of this week’s 2 hour Agent Carter event a little musical number goes a long way, the desert heat starts to get Peggy and Mr. Jarvis, and Jack Thompson has his own plans. Let’s take a look at hour two of the two hour Agent Carter event, ‘A Little Song and Dance’!

The opening of this episode was a bit of a head scratcher. The black-and-white scene with Peggy’s brother, Michael, was great as it reaffirmed her bond with her brother. But everything after that I could have done without. Look, I love a good musical but there was no point to this. I know Peggy was out cold in the back of that truck and this was a way to get her to wake up but it just felt so out of place. It seemed like it was there just to be there. Don’t get me wrong I loved that we got to see Angie again. I love Lyndsy Fonseca so that was most definitely welcome. Some of the singing even seemed to be dubbed over. Maybe it wasn’t, but it seemed like some of it was. I could see having this scene if there were other references to musicals throughout the show but this was so random that I didn’t think it fit at all.

The little musical number shakes Peggy awake and she tends to Mr. Jarvis who is also unconscious. Using some SSR tech that was in her belt, Peggy uses a hotwire to cut the chain securing the back door of the box truck they have been locked in. Still perturbed with Mr. Jarvis’ actions, Peggy gives him the ole’ ‘heave-ho’ out of the back of the truck before jumping out herself. Granted they weren’t going too fast that was still a pretty rough landing for the both of them. Peggy and Mr. Jarvis are now stranded in the middle of the California desert with no way back to the city.

Speaking of being stranded, Sousa, Jack and Dr. Samberly are still out there as well along with gamma canon and no vehicle to get them back to Los Angeles. While they are trying to figure out what to do, a car approaches with 2 men from the SSR that Vernon has sent to take care of whoever fired the cannon. Jack has finally come around (kind of) to what’s going on so he comes up with plan to save them all. He convinces the two agents to bring them all in alive in order to fix the machine and present a plan to Vernon. He also lands a cheap shot on Sousa to “sell” that he was still working for Vernon. That was a little unnecessary. Not for the show, but come on Jack. Stop being an ass for like two minutes.

The SSR boys may have gotten picked up but Peggy and Mr. Jarvis are still out there slowing making their way back. Peggy is still furious with Jarvis running off to commit cold blooded murder. Jarvis lets slip that everyone around Peggy dies which leads her to laying into Jarvis for his misconceptions about being on an adventure. For the most part, Mr. Jarvis has looked upon these missions as fun little adventures that he gets to abscond to before returning home. Up until now there have been no real consequences. While Peggy was right, to a point, it was tough to watch these two go at each other after they have both been through so much. Mr. Jarvis then reveals to Peggy that because of Ana’s injuries that she can no longer have children. Not as an excuse but to admit that his behavior has been cowardly as he hasn’t even shared this news with Ana yet. This was an extremely powerful and emotional scene between the two of them. We haven’t seen this extreme conflict between the two of them before so to see that with them reconciling at the end was moving.

Meanwhile, Dr. Wilkes has woken up and begs Frost to let him go and that he’s too dangerous to be around people. She plans on using Peggy and Jarvis against him to get him to behave but as they are no longer her prisoner she has to send a couple of her men after them. Peggy and Jarvis head back into the city where Jarvis visits his wife and Peggy has a knuckle-sandwich with Vernon’s name on it. That’s right, I said knuckle-sandwich.

Jarvis is finally able to tell Ana about the terrible news. He tries putting it off as long as he can but she can tell that there is something he’s not telling her. But before that, even after with everything that has happened to her she still asking about Peggy and wants Mr. Jarvis to go help her. I can’t say just how much I really like Ana Jarvis. She’s a lovely character.

Back at the SSR, Jack convinced Vernon to keep Sousa and Dr. Samberly alive so that they can help use the gamma canon against Whitney Frost. He may have been working with her but that was mainly out of necessity and fear. Now that he has a legitimate opportunity to take her out he’s taking advantage. Plus, he thinks that he has dirt on anyone so that will keep everyone involved in line. But before Peggy can be brought into the plan, she lands several punches on Vernon before Jack can pull her off of him. Way to go Peg!

After seeing what the gamma canon was able to do, Frost has asked that he deliver it her. Jack, pretending to still be one of Vernon’s stooges, agrees to meet with Whitney to stall. That’s not all he plans on doing. He tells her that Jack want’s to use the canon on her and that he wants a seat on the Council. Now, I was pretty sure that he didn’t actually want to be on the Council but with Jack you never know. He was definitely playing an angle.

It turns out that Jack had Dr. Samberly turn the gamma canon into a bomb by convincing him that was part of the plan. The bomb would kill everyone inside the building including Dr. Wilkes. Jack was playing both Vernon and Frost so that they would turn on each other while he slipped away a detonated the bomb. Oh, and how much more obvious could Vernon be when he was showing Whitney how the cannon worked. He was pointing it right at her!

Peggy and Sousa convince Dr. Samberly to create a devices that would jam the signal from Jack’s transmitter so that he couldn’t detonated the bomb. Peggy is still adamant that they save Dr. Wilkes. At this point, it’s a coin toss with Wilkes for me. Do you risk Whitney getting free to try and save him? But Peggy is not going to sacrifice anyone that she doesn’t have to. She locates and frees Dr. Wilkes but before they can both exit the building Dr. Wilkes locks her out.

I have no problem with 90% of Jack’s plan here. Get rid of Whitney and Vernon at once. I still think they could have accomplished this with rescuing Dr. Wilkes as part of the plan but now they had to improvise and risk any success because Jack went rogue. Whitney was in the process of finishing off Vernon (that guy deserved what was coming to him) but she realizes that canon has become a bomb but before she can do anything about that Dr. Wilkes enters the room and exploded.  Cut to black.

I am guessing Vernon is now toast. Good. And I wonder if Frost and Wilkes merged Firestorm style or she absorbed all Dr. Wilkes’ zero mater and he is now gone. I have to believe that he will be saved somehow in the finale. If he did indeed merge with Frost, I have a feeling he may be the key to defeating her, from the inside.

The season finale of Agent Carter airs next Tuesday night on ABC.

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  • David Johnson

    Xena’s musical years ago was groundbreaking, BTVS Once More With Feeling was as well planned as their HUSH episode. Agents Carters just didn’t fit, also figuring The Walking Dead will throw one of these in this year!!!