Review: Agent Carter S2 Ep5 – ‘The Atomic Job’

By February 10, 2016

On this week’s episode of Agent Carter, Dr. Wilkes is kind of a creeper, Sousa still has feelings for Peggy (duh!), the team is expanding and Ms. Frost is getting more powerful and it’s starting to go to her head. Get it? The new found power is going to her head! (HA!) …So, yeah. Let’s take a look at this week’s episode, The Atomic Job.

We start off in Peggy’s bedroom with Dr. Wilkes being kind of a creeper. Dude! We know you’re all out of phase and such and that you like Peggy but don’t just sneak up on her while she’s sleeping. Speaking of creepy, I know the dude is crushing hard on Peggy (I mean how could you not, right?) but his constant longing looks at her are getting a little old. Part of that I believe is that not only that he likes her but he his longing to be whole again but every time he’s around her he just stares and gets all googly eyed.  

All that being said Dr. Wilkes is a pretty good guy and he just wants to inform Peggy of a discovery he has made.  It turns up there is a quite literal connection between him and the zero matter that led to his current predicament. The same of which could be said for Whitney Frost. The zero matter appears to be calling to them and they are able to absorb it. Just the little bit that Wilkes is able to absorb makes him solid once more but it turns his eyes black momentarily.  This leads him to believe that exposure to more zero matter will make him whole again. Permanently.

The only known sample of remaining zero matter just happens to be in the body of that poor woman who was found frozen in the season premiere. Off to the morgue! Peggy and Mr. Jarvis break in by accessing the ventilation. Before they can reach the body of the woman that contains the zero matter, Ms. Frost and her husband, Calvin, arrive. It turns out the zero matter has also been calling to her and she absorbs the remaining supply herself. Now that all the zero matter is gone, Whitney is craving more and the power that comes along with it. Her solution, recreate the situation that led to its creation in the first place. By detonating an atomic device. That doesn’t sound good. At all.

Meanwhile, in Sousa’s personal life, he decides that now’s as a good a time as any to propose to Violet. She is lovely and I think they do make a good couple, but I’m a bit surprised Sousa went through with the proposal at this time as he obviously still has feelings for Peggy. Not that he would cheat on Violet but I thought he might wait until he’s able to figure out his feelings. He’s an honorable man with a good heart. He does care for Violet but he has not stopped carrying the torch for Peggy and as we see later in the episode Violet can tell.

With the combined knowledge of Daniel Sousa and Mr. Jarvis (thanks to a little corporate espionage by Howard Stark), they have a pretty good idea of where to find the atomic bombs that Ms. Frost is after. The only problem, beyond handling the uranium cores, is the security of the facility. First of which is a key that is impossible to copy. It’s being guarded by Council member Hugh Jones (Ray Wise). So, you know what that means? It’s time for Peggy to put on one of her various disguises in order to infiltrate his office and locate the key. Hayley Atwell continues to excel at pulling off these various personas and accents. She’s so much fun to watch.

As good as Peggy is at her spy-craft, there is a problem here. Hugh Jones has encountered Peggy before so there is a chance that he will recognize her. In hopes to combat this possibility, Sousa and Peggy are off the visit the SSR’s resident Q in Dr. Samberly. What a goofball. He’s developed a device that causes temporary memory loss. About 2 minutes worth of memory loss. Peggy has to use the device multiple times on Jones as Samberly was right as the effects of the device do not last very long. She then realizes that the key must be on his person as she cannot find it anywhere in his office. The location of the key turns out to be in his massive belt buckle.

So let me get this straight, you are hiding a key of that importance and you don’t constantly check to see if it’s still there? Especially after your belt has been messed with and you don’t remember anything about it.  Apparently not. I kind of chalk that up to Jones thinking he is the big ladies man (and a pig) and that he must have had a good time during his lunch break. Regardless, you should probably be checking on that key. It’s not like Peggy went straight to the storage facility to secure the uranium so there was time to notice it was gone and have the lock changed.

While Peggy is all about the spy stuff, Ms. Frost has a different plan in mind as far as getting at the uranium. The use of brute force. This brings her to whom I assume is a former boyfriend (or at least someone she was very close with), mob boss Joseph Manfredi played by Ken Marino. I saw his name in the credits so I was excited to see him in whatever capacity. I’m most familiar with him from Veronica Mars and Wet Hot American Summer where he’s used much more fore comedic effect. Here, not so much. As Joseph Manfredi, he has much more of an edge and darkness to him. He appeared to be teasing Calvin and one of his men but it was all a part of a strategy to get what he wanted. I have to admit I was a little surprised to see him go so violent when he beat one of his bodyguards bloody just to intimidate Calvin. I shouldn’t have been though, being that he was a mob boss and you don’t get to that position being a jokester.   

Now it’s time for both our heroes and our villains to make a move for the uranium. It’s time for a little heist. Well…almost. Peggy’s team is not quite full. It’s going to take more than her, Sousa and Jarvis to infiltrate the facility successfully and obtain the uranium. But who can they trust? Everyone seems to be in the pockets of The Council. Rose. You can trust Rose.

Sousa was apprehensive at first as he did not want to put Rose in danger and I think a part of him didn’t think she was up for it. Peggy didn’t hesitate to call him on that either, “I’m seeing Daniel Sousa, but I’m hearing Jack Thompson”. Burn! But as we have seen (and Sousa has now witnessed), Rose can very much take care of herself. The team then begrudgingly adds one more to the team. Dr. Samberly. Yep, that guy. He’s still bitter about not getting any field work since joining the SSR and he’s not letting any of his inventions out of the lab. This is where Rose steps up the plate and convinces him to help. That scene was just oozing with innuendo. It was hilarious which was then topped by the even funnier slow motion hero walk of team. That’s quite the eclectic group. And you just knew Samberly was going to trip.

Team Peggy enter the facility without any issues but Ms. Frost, Calvin and their men are already there. Fortunately they have not yet located the atomic bombs. We get to see Rose kick all kinds of ass as she takes out Frost’s goons one by one. Peggy is not to be outdone as she gets in on the action too. The rest of the team doesn’t have the best of luck as Jarvis gets separated from Sousa and Dr. Samberly and he is forced to be the one to have to remove the remove the uranium cores from the bombs when it was supposed to be Sousa. Don’t worry Jarvis. It’s just like making a soufflé, right? Apparently not. Poor Jarvis, but he is able to get the job done. Talk about stressful.

The rest of Team Peggy may have secured the uranium cores but she wasn’t out of the woods just yet as she encounters Calvin and Whitney. She goes head to head with Whitney but then Ms. Frost grabs her arm she starts using her powers on Peggy. While Peggy is able to pull away, the fight leads to her falling off a ledge hanging on for dear life. What happens next was a bit of a shocker. While I could tell the only way out for Peggy was to drop (unless someone ran up behind Whitney and knocked her out), I was expecting her to fall onto a crate or something with a bit of a give. Not cement blocks with protruding rebar.  I knew she wouldn’t die but falling on rebar like that was pretty shocking. I’ve seen similar injuries like that in other shows and movies and the person involved wasn’t so lucky. I know in shows like these that there is always suspension of disbelief but the fact Peggy didn’t break her back or that no major organs were damaged may have been a little much. That being said there’s no quick recovery from that and no way she’s back in action next week. She also wasn’t going to die as that would have been role credits, series over.

Sousa and Mr. Jarvis rush Peggy to Violet’s house as a hospital would be too dangerous. There are too many people out to get her to even risk it. She’s a nurse and she’s trustworthy so it’s the perfect place. The only problem is she is able to see how much Daniel cares for Peggy and calls him on it and he knows it. He’s not necessarily doing anything wrong but he’s put himself in a very difficult situation. Stay true to Violet or let his feelings for Peggy take over.

The episode ends with Peggy on the mend and Calvin calls an emergency meeting of the Council. He’s afraid of what is wife has become and what she’s up to. Also, Wilkes appears to have learned more about the zero matter either through his absorption of it, his visions of the breach or perhaps he always knew more but just didn’t mention it. But as he once again stares longingly at Peggy he starts fading away. Perhaps he is being pulled away from this reality as he eluded to in the last episode or the formula that Howard created is losing it’s effects. Either way, things aren’t looking good for Dr. Wilkes.

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