Review: Agents of SHIELD S3 Ep10 – ‘Maveth’

By December 9, 2015

In the mid-season finale of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD the team infiltrates the HYDRA base, things on the planets aren’t what they appear to be, and Coulson gives Ward a hand. Let’s take a look at ‘Maveth’!

This was a satisfying and action packed mid-season finale! With Coulson on another planet, the rest of the team looks to Mack for instruction as he is still acting director. I loved seeing Mack embrace the leadership role he has been given. He took charge, laid out a plan and everyone was on board. It was great to see the team continue to take Mack’s lead as they all respect him and trust his judgement.

On the planet, Fitz is guiding Ward and the other HYRDA soldiers while Coulson tries to get his bearings and locate them. It was nice to see Rosalind again even if was as Coulson’s subconscious urging him to wake up. As I said last week, she will be missed. Oh, and that Tatooine line by Coulson was great by the way!

Fitz is trying to take advantage of every opportunity he has to get one up on Ward. First by grabbing for Ward’s gun. I don’t know what that was going to accomplish being that there were other HYDRA soldiers there. But his real plan was to find Will’s cave and bring him along as well as use him as a guide. He ultimately convinces Ward to let Will help them as he is familiar with the layout of the planet.

Meanwhile back on Earth, our heroes are infiltrating the HYDRA base. I loved seeing all of the team (well almost all) working in their little units to accomplish the objectives of rescuing Simmons and securing the portal. Seeing Daisy, Lincoln and Joey all use their special abilities together was pretty cool. (Nice move Joey, melting those bullets!). Hunter had some great quips as always. Bobbi and May continue to kick-ass. May’s not nervous or contemplating what she is doing there. She was not about to be lumped in with those guys. Her response, “I’m not.” was pure May. Simmons escapes and releases Andrew who helps here get away from a couple of HYDRA soldiers. I half wondered if he (Lash) would just leave those Inhumans alone that were in storage. Nope. He killed all of them. And brutally so.

The team is able to secure the portal room and barricade themselves in for the time being as they wait for Coulson and Fitz to return. The problem is something else might just come through that portal first. Lincoln fears may what come through and urges them to close it before it’s too late. The rest of the team is adamant that they wait for Coulson and Fitz. This time it’s not Coulson who has to make the tough call, it’s Mack. I have to say again how much a love him as the interim director. He gave an order where at first everyone kind of dismissed it as more of a suggestion as they were each going to do what they thought was best. Mack immediately reminded them that Coulson chose him to make the tough choices and this is the time that he had make one. He was going to stay behind to last possible second while the others escaped, and ordered them to destroy the facility once the time was up.  No other SHIELD agents were going to die that night. With that, the team fell in line respecting and carrying out his orders. Well, expect for Daisy as she stayed him as they are partners. I love it when he calls her Tremors. Those two are a great team!

With Will now in hand and leading Fitz, Ward and the rest on, Will and Fitz begin to work together to plan their escape from Ward. Will leads them deep into the no-fly zone where he ends up killing several of the HYDRA soldiers and helping Fitz slip away. Ward then runs into more bad news when Coulson gets the jump on him shooting him a couple times for good measure.  Coulson restrains Wards and uses him to help him find Fitz and the portal.

Even before Fitz found Will and they became all chummy I kept thinking, couldn’t Will be HYDRA since that was the group that sent he and his team through the portal. Since he didn’t embrace Ward and his men and was surprised that HYDRA was still around that thought left my mind, but something still didn’t quite sit right with me about Will.   There was something off about him, especially when he started talking about the ancient cities that used to be on the planet. He knew way more than he should. Fitz took notice of that too and started questioning how Will knew this.

Turns out the real Will was dead and this Will was the very thing Ward was sent to bring back. It had killed Will after he helped Simmons escape. Before the reveal I wondered if it had been that thing all along, but the Will we met was indeed the real deal. And how about that leg? Yeesh.

Fitz and Will have a knock down drag out, as does Coulson and Ward. Fitz kills ‘Will’ with a few bullets and a… flare gun? That seemed a little easy, didn’t it? We’ll get to that later. Coulson ends up getting the better of Ward, but instead of leaving him to die on the planet, he takes matters into his own hands by crushing Ward’s chest with his robotic hand. That was brutal, and a dark moment for Coulson even with all that has happened. Which is why I think he left his robotic hand behind. He used that to brutally kill someone and was reminder of his vengeance (and of Rosalind).

Coulson and Fitz make it through the portal escaping back to earth. That was definitely a “tv minute” because that portal stayed open way longer than 63 seconds. But I digress. Coulson, Fitz, Mack and Daisy all escape and return to the plane. Everyone made it. Thanks mostly to Mack’s direction. There was an odd part of that scene when they all returned. I couldn’t tell if Simmons was looking to see if Will was with them or just Fitz or hoping for both but she was definitely glad to see Fitz. She’ll find out about Will soon enough. I just wish that was made a little clearer. Who was she really hoping to see?

Then there’s that final reveal. Allow me to pat myself on the back for calling that one. Though, I doubt I’m not the only one. Ward is back and is new and improved. That Inhuman that was the planet merged with Ward turning him into some type of Inhuman. I saw something crawl out of Will’s mouth as we saw his body burning and I figured it would find its way to Ward. I thought that when Fitz killed ‘Will’, for being this all powerful thing that was banished centuries ago to this planet, it went down awfully easy. But that was just Will’s body that was destroyed not the Inhuman.

When we saw Coulson kill Ward I had a feeling we would see him again. Ward’s talk about finding a new purpose and that he was meant to be here was a huge red flag that something big was going to happen to him. Plus, Brett Dalton has been a part of the show since the very beginning so I expected him to continue to be around. Even though Coulson was the one to kill him, I feel like that if and when he finally does get taken out for good that more of the team would be involved or at least be around to see it happen. He wouldn’t just get left on a planet to die and wither away. He’s wronged so many members of SHIELD that they would need to be more directly involved in his defeat. I can’t wait to see what new and improved Ward brings to the table.

This was a great mid-season finale! They kind of wrapped up the first half without too much of a cliffhanger, and I’m okay with that. There doesn’t always have to be this massive thing happen that leaves hanging for months. Fitz is back. The team is all together. Sure, Lash is free once again and big bad Ward has returned but the first half of the season came to a solid conclusion. This show continues to impress!

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

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