Review: ‘Arrow’ S04E14 – “Code Of Silence”

By February 18, 2016

On this week’s episode of Arrow, we learned that anything can be a weapon, Darhk’s mojo works over skype and you must always beware the glitter bomb. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Code Of Silence,’ shall we?

This week’s episode opens with a face to face meeting between Oliver and his new opponent in the mayoral race, Ms. Adams, aka Damien Darhk’s wife. The team heads out to follow her, hoping to connect her to Darhk and have her lead them to him, but she has other plans. They walk into an ambush of sorts and she manages to get away. Back at the HIVE base of operations, Darhk announces that phase four is proceeding on schedule, but his cohorts have some concerns. He takes care of the biggest doubter with a little bit of mojo, and that is that.

Back in Star City, Laurel insists on getting to know Donna better, as the elder Ms. Smoak sets her sights on party planning for her daughter’s upcoming nuptials. Thea runs across proof of the payoff cheque that her mother gave Samantha Clayton (Oliver’s baby-mama, who never cashed the cheque by the way), but Ollie manages to brush it off. But seriously, like Thea’s going to give up so easily. Captain Lance is called to a breaking and entering call, because the force is so shorthanded, but it turns out to be a trap. He only gets out because Laurel is with him. Looks like HIVE is looking to tie up some loose ends! Not looking good for Felicity’s mom, is it? Lance realizes this and tries to break it off with her for a couple of weeks, until things cool down, but she’s having none of it, and dumps him. Felicity manages to trace the call that sent Lance to his almost death, and the team heads out to do a little recon. A fight ensues (I know everyone’s shocked by that) and the bad guys get away.

The good guys do manage to nab a damaged laptop and Felicity gets to work trying to retrieve any data she can. Diggle figures out that HIVE is using a special kind of acid to weaken buildings (hence the reason for all of the buildings crumbling to dust), and there’s only one place in the city that stocks it. By the time the Green Arrow and Spartan get there, it’s too late, however. Curtis, at Palmer Tech, works his magic and finds blue prints on the laptop. Blue prints for the building where the mayoral debate is about to happen. Dun, dun, dun! Thea pulls the fire alarm to evacuate the building, but Mrs. Darhk has other plans. She puts out a call to her cronies to make sure that Oliver doesn’t leave the building alive. Another fight ensues, as the team tries to disarm and neutralize the acid. And once again, the good guys triumph. The debate goes on and Oliver is declared the winner. As the engagement party goes on, Lance comes in and tells Donna the truth about his involvement with Darhk, as Curtis gives Felicity her gift. He’s invented an implantable bio-stimulant that will help her walk again.

In the touchy-feely department, Felicity and Donna have a heart to heart about love and how Olicity is the perfect couple with a perfect love, where they tell each other everything. You can see the writing on the wall with Ollie’s big secret between them, right? As predicted, Thea does some digging of her own, and realizes that Samantha is connected to Oliver somehow. He confesses his indiscretion and the fact that William is his son. When he suggests that he is having issues with keeping it from Felicity, Thea surprises him by telling him she understands and that by keeping William a secret, he is also keeping him safe. Too bad that Damien already knows, eh? I hate to damn that Malcolm Merlyn, because of my love for John Barrowman, but you’ve got to think that things would have been better if Oliver had just killed him when he had the chance. As the episode comes to a close, we see Damien introduce his daughter to William, who will be staying with them for a while.

In the why-are-we-still-doing-this section of the episode, the flashback’s consisted of Reiter and his men still looking for the whatever it is their looking for and the other prisoners on the island wanting to gang up on Oliver for what he did to them and the woman’s (I still have no idea what her name is!) brother, among other things. The only way they’ll let it go is if Ollie kills Conklin. Gotta say, I’m okay with that. While Reiter spouts crap about magic and a chosen one, Oliver and Conklin finally go at it. To no one’s surprise, Oliver kills Conklin, but not before Conklin states that Reiter’s going to kill them all.

arrow code of silence

So, this episode was fine, although I don’t think it did a whole lot of anything to move the season arc along. We still have ambiguous motivations for HIVE and Darhk and I’ve got to admit, it’s kind of getting old. It’s one thing to be cryptic and mysterious, and another thing to drag it out just for the sake of it. While I love Neal McDonough and think that Damien Darhk could be an interesting character, we have actually seen so little of him this season that I can’t bring myself to care. As usual, the action scenes were spot on, but, again, they didn’t do much for me. The fact that one of the bad guys used a nail gun as a weapon was pretty cool, but I’m just not feeling these villains of the week they’ve got going on. The show is strongest when the threat is a more personal one.

And speaking of personal, I found the best moments of this episode were actually the quiet ones. Both the talk between Felicity and her mom about love and the talk between Thea and Oliver about William were touching. Now, normally, Thea bugs the crap out of me, but I’ve got to say, this last little while, she’s been not so bad. And I’m glad she was honest with Ollie and told him not to feel guilty. Of course, the whole thing is going to come back and bite him in the butt, but hey, at least she tried.

Overall, this episode felt an awful lot like filler, even though it actually dealt with HIVE and the Darhk’s. This slow pace is really kind of killing the momentum for me, so hopefully last handful of episodes this season will pick it up. At least reveal a little something about HIVE’s plans that doesn’t involve corn this time around.

Arrow airs every Wednesday night on the CW.

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