Review: ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’ S01E02 – ‘Pilot, Part 2’

By January 29, 2016

On this week’s episode of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, we learned that you can’t take the bad out of everyone, the Wave Runner is basically a shopping mall and just because you’re in the credits, doesn’t mean you’re safe. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Pilot, Part 2,’ shall we?

The search for Vandal savage continues in 1975, as our heroes head to Norway and nuclear arms auction. Things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows however, as the team is still kinda pissed about Hunter lying to them. They decide to go against Hunter’s advice, even though he’s a seasoned time traveler, and set a trap for Savage. Shockingly enough, nothing goes as planned and the team has to blast their way out. When they return to the Wave Runner, Hunter is livid. Not only did the team alter the timeline by being there, they also exposed themselves and their powers. Not only that, but in the fray, Ray lost a piece of his suit which Savage found. Savage is going to use the tech to create weapons which he uses to destroy the world faster. In fact, Central City in 2016 is in ruins, meaning the team has no future to go back to, at least not the one they left behind.

All is not lost, however, because as long as they get the tech back before Savage’s scientists can replicate it, they should be able to restore most of the timeline. Good thing that Ray’s suit emits alpha particles, which just happen to be the 1975’s Dr. Stein’s specialty. I mean, how convenient is that? In the meantime, Kendra and Carter discover that the knife Savage used to kill them in their first life could be the key to destroying him. This leads to two very interesting side quests.

Martin, Sara and Jax head out to find the twenty five year old Dr. Stein and steal his alpha particle detector thingy. It doesn’t quite go as plan and they are forced to knock the younger Stein out and steal the gadget. It leads them to the tech and Sara dispatches the bag guys in typical, bad-ass White Canary style. As they make it back to the ship, Martin’s wedding ring begins to disappear. Turns out, his younger self was supposed to meet his future wife on this particular evening, but because of their interference, it didn’t happen.

While this is happening, Ray, Leonard and Mick head to the house of a Russian antiquities collector to grab the knife. They grab the knife, but in typical bad guy fashion, Leonard and Mick decide they’re going to take everything. This of course, trips the alarm system and they get trapped. As they’re trying to escape, the owner of the house shows up, and surprise, surprise, it’s Vandal Savage. Reinforcements arrive and the smack down begins. While the rest of the team take care of the thugs, Carter and Kendra go for Savage. Using the infamous knife, Carter stabs Savage. Sadly, Savage just laughs, telling Carter that because the knife belonged to Shiera, only Kendra can cause the death blow. He then kills Carter, before stabbing Kendra. The team, realizing she is the key to killing savage, grab her and retreat back to the ship. As they gather to mourn Carter, they decided that although they haven’t helped the 2166 future, they are willing to fight. For Carter.

So, this was a fantastic second half. This pilot episode (when taking it as a whole) was action filled and so very interesting. I was glad to see the whole disrupting the timeline thing have a huge impact, because I was worried that it would be brushed off or overlooked. It’s always better when actions have consequences and in this case, they can be life altering. It makes the stakes monumental, as was shown with Martin’s dilemma. Although Hunter went against his better judgement and helped to get Martin and Clarissa together in the end, there was a possibility that it wouldn’t work out. Making it happen more often than not will go a long way in making things unpredictable.

As usual, the cast tonight was phenomenal. I can’t get over how much I adore Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are on this show. Snart and Rory are brilliant and I love the back and forth that they have going on with each other and the rest of the crew. The scenery chewing is at maximum level and I love it. That’s not to take anything away from the rest of the cast, though. I thought that Victor Garber and Franz Drameh had a really great scene when discussing the arrogance of Stein’s former self. It’s nice to see the two of them bonding (no pun intended… okay, so maybe a little pun intended!). Their relationship hasn’t necessarily been the smoothest sail, especially after Martin basically kidnapped Jax in order to get him to go on this journey. And Caity Lotz’s Sara is just hella cool and Brandon Routh is awfully pretty to look at. Carter’s death was a bit shocking, but the showrunners have already proven on their other properties that no one is really safe. It’s also a great catalyst to get the team to continue and to give Kendra a tangible reason to want Savage dead. Bravo for keeping us on our toes.

Overall, I think I am n love with this series. I thought that this pilot episode contained a lot of really great action, but also something a little bigger to sink my teeth into. Even after only a couple of hours, I am completely invested and can’t wait to see what happens next. Hopefully the rest of the season will live up to the hype.

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