Review: ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’ S01E06 – “Star City 2046”

By February 26, 2016

On this week’s episode of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, we learned that not all sons are created equal, all it takes to win Mick over is a fur coat and it’s not truly real until it is. Let’s take a closer look at “Star City 2046,” shall we?

This week’s episode opens where the last left off, with the Legends trapped in Star City in the year 2046, (It’s good to see they dug deep for a title this week, eh?) and being held at arrow-point by the city’s newest Green Arrow. A fight ensues, which we’re all shocked by, (I’m sorry, was that my outside voice?) and the team decides it’s best to retreat to the ship. When they question this future, given that everything was fine in 2016, Rip tells them that this is only a possibility and isn’t set, but they need to return to their own time in order to make sure that this one doesn’t come to fruition.

Rip enlists Mick and Leonard’s help to break into Smoak Technologies and steal some tech, and Sara insists on going with them. As their headed to their destination, all hell breaks loose on the streets of the city. Sara takes off and Rip follows her, leaving Snart and Mick to their own devices. Which, you know, involves robbing banks. When they’re accosted by a group of thugs, Mick takes out the leader and then decides to take his place. I guess the pillaging and terror was just what he was looking for. Leonard tries to convince him to return to Rip and Sara, but he refuses, because hey, it’s a good looking life.

Sara tracks down whoever this Green Arrow is, and he tells her that Oliver Queen is dead. When she questions him about it, he says that no one knows what happened, but when an army invaded the city fifteen years prior, Oliver disappeared. And who was leading this army? None other than Deathstroke! Although this one isn’t Slade Wilson, but his son, Grant. As he calls his people in to attack, the Green Arrow whisks them to safety. He takes them to what’s left of the Arrow Cave, so they can have a look at what’s left of Felicity’s tech. Once there, they run into 2046’s Oliver Queen, who is missing his left arm. Oliver reveals that the new Green Arrow is actually Diggle’s son (I pretty much called that one!), and that everyone else is gone. He is a broken, broken man.

Deathstroke breaks in on Mick’s party and sends all of the minions out to hunt the Green Arrow, Rip and Sara. When Leonard suggests that the two of them return to the team, because the bad guys are trying to kill their friends, the two almost come to blows. They agree to help Rip and Sara and then continue the conversation once everyone is safe. Rip and Sara head to a warehouse that Oliver directed them to, where they find what they need. Of course, they also find a bunch of Deathstroke’s henchmen. Snart and Rory show up just in the nick of time, but in the fray Connor (who refuses to use Diggle’s name) is taken. Although Sara wants to go after him, Rip convinces her that this is only a possible future and they all head back to the ship, after Snart knocks Rory out because he wants to stay in this time.

Back on the ship, there’s a little flirting going on between Ray and Kendra, which is cute. But not as cute as when Martin snaps at them, because he’s channeling Jax’s jealousy. Turns out, he has a bit of a crush on Kendra too. As Jax tries to get to know her better, Martin slyly confronts Ray about his feelings for Kendra. Turns out Ray hadn’t actually given it much thought, but Martin still tries to dissuade him. Unfortunately, his plan backfires, because his little talk actually opened Ray’s eyes to Kendra’s charms. Martin confesses his blunder, but Jax tells him it’s okay.

Sara isn’t happy about leaving this future as it is, and Martin and Jax agree with her. Rip freaks out and tells them that they’re free to do what they want, but as soon as the repairs are done, he’s leaving, with or without them. Leonard and Mick have it out and come to a bit of an understanding about what each of them wants in life. It’ll be interesting to see where their relationship goes, now that their new lives are changing them. In the meantime, Sara goes to Oliver and convinces him that the city needs the Green Arrow. As Deathstroke is about to assassinate Connor, Sara and Oliver show up. Another fight ensues, with Oliver and Grant seriously beating on each other. The rest of the team shows up, because Martin managed to talk Rip out of leaving and levels the playing field. Together, Oliver and Connor incapacitate Grant, and Oliver officially passes the Green Arrow moniker to Connor.

As the episode comes to a close, Oliver and Connor return to the Arrow Cave, ready to start rebuilding the city. Although Sara contemplates staying to help, Oliver convinces her to finish her own quest. Jax overhears Ray asking Kendra out, but she turns him down, because her life is already complicated enough. Sara thanks Rip for the backup and he tells her that he was wrong, that every future is worth fighting for. With the Wave Rider functional, the team heads for their new destination.

star city 2046 2

Seriously, this is becoming my favorite show out there. Every episode just gets better and better. I liked that this episode was one with a touch of familiarity, but was different enough that you weren’t quite sure what to expect. I also really like the fact that they are treating time as completely fluid and that actions have consequences. But again, and I know I keep saying this, the big draw for me is the character dynamics and chemistry. It was spectacular tonight, but most especially between Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. I mean, how excited are we for the Prison Break revival now? These two are amazing together, and as I said above, I’m really interested in seeing how their relationship evolves, now that it seems they want different things. Both characters are already changed from when we first met them, but there’s still plenty of room for additional growth.

While I’m not a shipper, by any means, I did find the Kendra, Ray, Jax and Martin stuff pretty amusing, and I’m glad that she chose herself. Although, I do agree with Ray, she would have chosen him in the end… but that may have more to do with my adoration of Brandon Routh. I’m just saying, that may have swayed my choice. It was cool to see Oliver in thirty years, as well as John’s son (I’m assuming Lila’s as well, although it wasn’t expressly stated) and I would love to spend a little more time in 2046. The rebuilding would be a sight to see.

Overall, I thought this was a fantastic episode, and although it didn’t do anything for the overall season story arc, it was still fun to watch. I’m sure next week will be back to the hunt for Vandal Savage, but unlike other shows, I’ve got to say, I don’t mind the filler. It’s a lot more fun when you’re traipsing through time and space.

Legends of Tomorrow airs every Thursday night on The CW.

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