Review: Star Wars Rebels S02E17 – “The Honorable Ones”

By February 25, 2016

On this week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels the crew investigates some new Rebel intelligence, Zeb gets stranded on an ice planet with a familiar foe, and new questions arise. Let’s take a look back at this week’s episode, “The Honorable Ones.

This was fascinating episode. It wasn’t non-stop action nor was full of Star Wars lore about the Jedi and Sith, but a lot of little things happened that could have huge ramifications later. And I don’t mean later this season. I mean in future seasons and possibly even in Rogue One.

When I heard that we were getting an episode where Zeb was stranded on planet with Agent Kallus I wasn’t sure what to expect. Was the episode going to be entirely Zeb and Kallus with hardly anything from the rest of the crew? Were we going to get cliché filled episode where are hero and villain had to work together to survive? Was this going to be more filler? Each one of those questions that I had were true to a certain extent but this was so much better than I could have expected.

Right off the bat we got a taste that this episode had so much going for it than just Zeb and Kallus being stranded on some random planet. The crew of the Ghost is checking out some Rebel intel that the Empire was building something above Geonosis.  We of course don’t see it but you know they had received first reports on the Death Star. Yes, that’s right, the freaking Death Star! As we learned in Episode II: Attack of the Clones the Geonosians are the ones who designed the Death Star before giving the plans to Count Dooku who in turn gave them to Darth Sidious.

Each member of the crew commented on how they have never seen an orbital construction field that big, how it must have been something big for the Empire to build it in orbit rather than on the surface. Speaking of the crew, it was nice to see Rex again even if it was just a few times. We also learned that there were no signs of life remaining on the surface. The Geonosians were just gone. I’m guessing that the Sidious had them wiped out so that they couldn’t reveal the existence of the Death Star.

The crew lands on one of the construction platforms to see if they can find any information on what exactly the Empire was up to. It didn’t take long for them to realize that they just might be walking into a trap. Agent Kallus and a squad of stormtroopers were waiting for them. I assume they were jamming their scanners otherwise wouldn’t they have been detected when the Hera was scanning for the Geonosians. Maybe she didn’t scan the space station for some reason.

The crew gets into a firefight with the stormtroopers while Zeb engages in hand to hand combat with Kallus. Zeb is separated from the group and jumps into an escape pod. Unfortunately Kallus had followed him and jumped into the podcast before he could get away. The rest of the crew made it back to the Ghost.

I enjoyed the escape sequence as we saw some more fancy flying for Hera and some nice shooting from Kanan and Rex. Zeb’s escape on the other hand didn’t exactly go as planned. The pod was damaged in the escape and that was one rough landing. I’m surprised that Kallus only broke his leg but we can’t have our focus characters of the episode be completely helpless.

Even though Kallus was at the mercy of Zeb you knew that Zeb wasn’t going to kill him in cold blood. And not just because this show is on Disney XD, we’ve seen characters die before, but Zeb is an honorable warrior. He wants a fair fight. While given everything that we know about Kallus up to this point he would have probably finished Zeb off then and there.

These scenes between Kallus and Zeb could have been full of cliches where Kallus just went along with Zeb as a method of survival but there was so much more. Sure, it kind of started out that way and Kallus wasn’t exactly able to do much with his broken leg so he needed Zeb.  He could have just kept antagonizing Zeb and side-eying him but he actually opened up and we learned more about Kallus than I ever thought we would.

Up until now he has been the main foil for the crew of the Ghost, popping up here and there trying to capture or kill them so he was just that pesky Imperial that keeps getting in the way. We learned that he was gifted his weapon by Lasat Guardsman whom he had bested in battle. The Boosahn Keeraw, a Lasat tradition where a fallen warrior gives his weapon to his opponent. Kallus openly admitted what had happened. He didn’t try to lie about how he acquired it or that he took it by force.

Kallus also helped out Zeb multiple times when we could have let him die. Once with assisting in fending off one of the creatures and then a second time when he helped him out of the pit. Right then and there Kallus could have finished him off but he chose not too. Another interesting thing we learned is that Kallus didn’t know about the Geonosians. All he knew was that they were gone. He never asked questions. Zeb’s response as to maybe Kallus should start asking some questions unless he’s afraid of the answers that he’ll get.

If he chases the answers maybe he’ll finally learn the truth. This led to us seeing the first glimmer of doubt in Kallus’ mind about the Empire. I was subtle but he didn’t push back against Zeb and to me it looked like he was trying to figure things out in his own head. Kallus also admitted to Zeb that what happened on Lasan wasn’t supposed to be a massacre. The Empire wanted to make an example of the Lasat, and  Kallus to credit for it. I couldn’t tell if Kallus went beyond his instruction to impress the Empire or if more Imperial forces were sent in to wipe them out without him realizing that was going to happen and then he just took credit for it to build his status. Either way, he seemed to regret what had happened on some level.

In the end, Zeb was rescued by his friends and Kallus stayed behind to wait for the Empire to come pick him up. It was interesting to see him back on Star Destroyer as everyone seemed to ignore him as he slowly made his way back to his quarters. I’m assuming that he was being shunned for his failure once again to apprehend the rebels. He also appeared to do some deep thinking about what had happened with and Zeb and what that meant. I wonder if we’ll see more of Kallus questioning some decisions made by the Empire. 

ould he find out more about what happened to the Geonosians? Could he learn about the Death Star? Will his character play into anything that will happen in Rogue One? I may be getting ahead of myself but all of these things were racing through my head while watching this episode. This may not have been the most action packed episode but we learned a great deal more about Kallus making him even more interesting than ever before. Plus, the first hint at the Death Star since the end of Episode III.

Star Wars Rebels airs every Wednesday night on Disney XD.

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