Review: Star Wars Rebels S2 Ep 9 – ‘Legacy’

By December 10, 2015

In this week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels, the Empire is starting to close in, Ezra has a Force vision about his parents, and Kanan continues to grow as a mentor.  Let’s take a closer look at Episode 9, ‘Legacy’.

The focus of this week’s episode is on Ezra’s parents or more specifically where they are and what has happened to them. We open the episode with Ezra having a Force vision giving images of a loth-cat, some random guy and most importantly his parents.  Two things that I was very pleased to see right from the start is that Ezra immediately went to Kanan and Hera with this. He didn’t try to slip away and do thing on his own. Secondly, they wanted to know every detail of his vision and he didn’t hesitate to tell them anything. There were no half truths or leaving anything.  This showed mutual trust between all of them and how much they have grown as a team and become a surrogate family.  Last season Ezra probably would have tried to sneak away and investigate the visions on his own.  The whole team is ready to help Ezra to unravel the mystery of his Force visions and hopefully locate his parents.

Kanan as also really come into his own as a teacher and mentor to Ezra.  He is aware the Force visions are dangerous and don’t always tell the whole truth, and explains this to Ezra who accepts this.  He didn’t fight back or argue. He understood that what he is seeing may not mean what he hopes it means.  Kanan is also able to guide him as Ezra uses the Force to identify a name on the list of prisoners from the various prisons the Empire has across the galaxy. That name will help him in his quest to learn the truth behind what he has seen.  

Elsewhere, the Empire is gathering a fleet to descend on Garel using the information they gathered from the Seventh Sister’s droid.  Before our merry band of rebels are able leave Garel and head to where Ezra’s visions are pointing them, which just happens to be Lothal, the Empire shows up and things become just a little more difficult. Ezra, Kanan, Zeb and Chopper have been pinned down by a squadron of Stormtroopers and Agent Kallus. What the heck Chopper? You’ve been a more than capable droid this whole time and are always getting in the middle of things and you go back and hide? You almost got everyone caught. This led to actually a pretty cool, perhaps reckless, moment from Ezra as he charged Kallus and actually took him down. That was pretty impressive. But then he has the crazy idea to go after the Inquisitors, luckily Kanan shoots the controls on the blast doors cutting Ezra off. Also, everyone needs to quit saying so loudly that they are going back to Lotal. That’s what got you in trouble in the first place.

They all make it back to the Ghost but before they, along with the rest of the fleet, are able to escape Garel there’s the Star Destroyers and TIE fighters to deal with.  Kanan and Ezra split up from the rest of the group in the Phantom as Hera, Sabine and Zeb had to help Commander Sato break free of the tractor beam. Once they freed Sato’s ship they continued on with the fleet while Ezra and Kanan made their way to Lothal.

With the help of the loth-cat from Ezra’s vision, the two of them track down the escaped prisoner from Ezra’s vision (voiced by Clancy Brown no less!).  This meeting, however, did not provide Ezra with what he was hoping to learn  He learns the horrifying truth that his parents are dead.  They were killed leading a prison break not too long ago.

Last season when Ezra sent his message to stand up and fight back against the Empire, they heard his message inspiring them rise up and free many prisoners. Unfortunately they were killed in the escape as they wouldn’t leave until everyone was free. This was a heartbreaking moment for Ezra on two front. Not only did he learn of their passing but that they actually heard him all those months ago and it was he who reinvigorated their passion to help those in need.   

The two setting moons was a nice visual at the end.  It was very reminiscent of the Binary Sunset from A New Hope.  Kanan’s speech at the end also had a Lion King vibe to it. Not only did that setting look a little bit like Pride Rock, but Kanan spoke about how Ezra’s parents lived on within him. It reminded me of that scene with Rafiki telling Simba how his father lived on within him. Maybe it’s the Disney connection or my inner Disney nerd making it’s own connections, either way it was very well done and carried weight.

‘Legacy’ wasn’t as action packed as some of the episodes this season. It had definitely had it’s action moments, but it was more about the relationship that has grown not only between Ezra and Kanan but between Ezra and the entire team. They are a family and they look out for one another.  The emotional beats also hit strong giving some closure to Ezra as a well as opening up what this might mean for his character going forward.

Star Wars Rebels airs on Disney XD on Wednesday nights.

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