Review: Star Wars Rebels S2 Ep14 – ‘Legends of the Lasat’

By February 4, 2016

On this week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels we learn more about Zeb’s past, an old friend(?) returns and we get a haunting new score unlike anything we’ve ever heard before from Star Wars. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Legends of Lasat”.

I loved this episode. We have never really had a Zeb centric episode. Or at least not as far as I can remember. It’s been mentioned or eluded to before that he is the last of or one of the last his kind, the Lasat. From the time that the Empire invaded his home-world, where Kanan found him, he has not come in contact with another member of his kind. Until now, that is.

And who do we have to thank for this reunion? Everyone’s favorite pirate, Hondo. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Hondo is back! Man, do I love this character. He’s so great. You always know where he stands. Hondo is out for numero uno. And if what he’s up to just so happens to be the right thing, then so be it. But if he can turn a profit, it doesn’t matter if it’s the Empire, the Rebels or someone in between he’ll go where the money (or the prospect of favors) leads him. That being said he usually ends up landing more on the side of what’s right in the end. However, there was that one time where he tried to eject a bunch of Younglings out into space back in The Clone Wars. I try to block that particular decision out.That was a bad day for Hondo.

Hondo and Ezra have been keeping in touch ever since their last encounter and Hondo has some refugees that he is transporting and those refugees are Lasat. He sold them to the Empire but informed Ezra so that the rebels would come to the rescue. One might ask, why didn’t Hondo just deliver the Lasat to the crew of the Ghost directly? But as I said before, Hondo is always playing an angle. He’s out to get payment from the Empire and the Rebels (and hopefully is owed a favor as well). When Hondo asked Ezra about payment and Ezra said he was never getting payment, Hondo’s reaction was perfect. He was so pleased with Ezra’s response. To him, that was the perfect answer. He was so proud as he had never had a student learn so quickly.

Zeb of course is shocked to learn that there are surviving Lasat out there. Not only is he shocked, but the rest of the crew is a surprised to learn the Zeb was the Captain of the High Honor Guard on Lasat. He is apprehensive to discuss his former position let alone acknowledge that he even had it. As we learn later he is ashamed of his inability to protect the palace when under attack from the Empire. He felt like he had let his people down.

Before the crew can escape in the Ghost, they engage in a firefight with some Stromtroopers. No thanks to Hondo. When confronted by some Stormtroopers, he points them in the Rebels direction. He notifies Ezra that the Troopers are on the way before ultimately closing the blast doors separating the Troopers from the Rebels allowing them to escape. Now gaining another favor from them. Well, Kanan doesn’t exactly want to owe Hondo any more favors but I have a feeling that will come back into play down the line.

The two Lasat are in search of Lira San. Lira San is the planet in an old Lasat prophecy that was foretold to be their new home. To Zeb it’s a myth, but to the refugees it’s very real and they need his help to get there.  Zeb is hesitant to assist as not only does he not believe that Lira San is real (which I believe he just lost all hope and chose not to believe in it anymore) but he still feels guilty for letting his people down. Ezra is actually the one to make him realize that this is his opportunity to really help his people and he needs to let the past go. This was also a very mature moment for Ezra. He was able to connect with Zeb and provide some real advice and Zeb was receptive. As much as they tease and argue with each other it was sign of growth as team mates and as characters.

Zeb agrees to help by using his bo-rifle in a way that we had never seen before. It unfolds into this magnificent looking staff. By using it in the way of the ancient Lasat he is able to use it in conjunction with the star map to determine the location of Lira San. It’s outside the outer-rim in uncharted space.   

Before reaching Lira San, the Ghost detects an obstruction forcing the ship to jump out of hyperspace. What follows next is both terrifying and beautiful all at the same time. There is a massive imploded star cluster blocking their path. Without proper navigation it could rip their ship apart in seconds. Seeing something that big and potentially destructive was, I have to admit, a little terrifying. It was a beautiful site but the size coupled with the score was extremely unsettling.

I’ve got to talk about the score that played during the back half of this episode once they reached the star cluster. It was unlike anything I had ever heard in Star Wars. It was beautiful, otherworldly, spiritual and eerie all at the same time. I want to say it reminded me of something out of Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra. I was completely mesmerized throughout as I watched the Ghost enter the cluster guided by Zeb’s bo-rifle. That was pretty cool in itself. He was able to use it’s power to interface with the Ghost’s computer and guidance system allowing them to navigate the cluster to Lira San.

I can’t go without mentioning the return of Agent Kallus. It’s always good to see him back even if it was just for a bit. Using Hondo’s tracker (that pirate!), he was able to track the Ghost as far as the star cluster. He tried keeping them from entering the cluster but those TIE fighters had no chance as they were ripped to shreds. Thinking the same would happen to the Ghost he let them go as his own ship was starting to be pulled apart by the effects of the star cluster.    

The crew ultimately locates Lira San and Zeb takes the refugees down to the planet. Upon his return he reports that the there are other Lasat down there as it was their original home-world.  I would have like to have seen that as well as Zeb’s reaction to learning there were even more Lasat down there living full lives. But with a half hour show there’s only so much time. Now that they have been there, the course has been mapped out so they can return anytime that they would like whether it’s to visit or transport other Lasat refugees.

Legends of Lasat’ is probably my favorite episode of this half of season 2 so far. It was good to get some more backstory on Zeb and his people. Kallus was back in the fold. It’s always great to see Hondo pop-up and cause problems for all involved. And I absolutely loved the visuals and score that were on display.

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