Review: Star Wars Rebels S2 Ep6 – ‘Blood Sisters’

By November 19, 2015

This week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels ‘Blood Sisters’ puts the overarching story on hold to highlight Sabine and fill us in a little more on her backstory. The rest of team took a backseat, with the exception of Chopper (that little droid is always in the mix), as Sabine was tasked with locating a courier carrying valuable intelligence and delivering him to Senator Organa.

This episode began with Hera giving Sabine a simple albeit important mission of locating and transporting the courier. Ezra and Chopper were along for the ride but it was clear from the start the Sabine was to be in charge. After a short but amusing scene of Sabine and Ezra not so subtly trying out the code phrase on pretty much everyone in the port they finally located the courier. An old GNK power droid (I literally just learned what that was called. For years I always just knew it as the droid that looks like a trash can.). But before Sabine, Chopper and Ezra could load the courier onto a transport they were confronted by on old friend of Sabine. A bounty hunter by the name of Ketsu Onyo.

We learn that Ketsu and Sabine have a long relationship and once considered each other practically sisters as they would run and gun across the galaxy. Sabine of course has left that life (she still likes to blow stuff up of course) and Ketsu is now working for the crime syndicate known as the Black Sun. I had feeling I was going to like the character of Ketsu from the moment she arrived on screen regardless if she would prove to be an ally to our heroes or a constant foil. It was the way she carried herself and the banter back and forth between her and Sabine that immediately drew me in. Speaking of the banter, from the moment Ketsu started speaking I thought her voice sounded familiar and the more I heard the more my suspicion was confirmed. Ketsu Onyo was voiced by one and only and exceptionally talented Gina Torres! I had no idea she was voicing a character on Rebels! That was just another level of confirmation that this was going to be an awesome character.

As Ketsu and Sabine trade barbs over who gets the droid some Stormtroopers take notice of what’s going on forcing Sabine, Ketsu and Ezra to engage in combat. Sabine has Chopper use this opportunity as a distraction to get the carrier on the shuttle. Man, Stormtroopers really are terrible shots if none of them could land a single hit on anyone trying to get into the shuttle. We also learned that the Rebels are currently on a planet by the name of Garel. I don’t ever remember hearing this new planet named since they had left Lothal.

Before the shuttle leaves the port Ezra gets knocked out the ship leaving Sabine and Chopper to finish the mission alone. Let’s talk about Chopper for a minute. Most of the time he is around for comic relief and the type of comedy exhibited by Chopper is directed towards a younger audience. I have to remind myself from time to time that even though this is Star Wars this is an animated show that aims itself towards kids as well as adults. Sometimes his comedy comes across as goofy or ridiculous, but I thought he had some great moments in this episode. Probably my favorite moment of his this episode was when he landed on Ketsu’s ship and gives that little wave to Sabine while she was talking with Ketsu. It was small and subtle but I got a kick out of that as well as him disarming her ship’s weapons. That was pretty clever. As silly as Chopper comes across sometimes he’s a more than capable droid that has a very distinct personality.

Even though Chopper disabled Ketsu’s weapons he still managed to get captured. I knew Sabine wasn’t going to give over that power droid but I also knew that she wasn’t going to leave Chopper behind. He may be a droid but he’s important part of her team. Ketsu docked with Sabine’s ship in hopes of a trade but what we got was even better. I thought that hallway scene between Sabine and Ketsu was fantastic. We learn that Sabine was once all about survival, the profit and building a name for herself as a feared bounty hunter as that is what Ketsu is still after. Sabine explains to Ketsu that she has found people that have given her a second chance as well as the opportunity to give her life meaning by fighting for a cause and not just herself. Her fellow rebels are people that she can trust in and they trust her. Sabine also forgives Ketsu for leaving her for dead giving us a glimpse into what kind of bond the two had at one time, and perhaps just as important she gives Ketsu the opportunity for a second chance.

Now some shows might take that scene and have a character like Ketsu act like that’s all well and fine but I’m still out for number one in the end regardless if they help in the moment or not. But not here. Ketsu didn’t just help Sabine out because that was the only option. She helped and was open to change because that friendship between the two of them was still there regardless of what happened. Sabine forgiving Ketsu for her past misdeeds was a huge eye-opener for her. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing her again. Plus, you don’t cast someone like Gina Torres for a one off character.

I enjoyed this episode quite a bit as I have been anxious to learn more about Sabine. That being said I’m still wanting to know more about her. We know of her past as a bounty hunter, but I want to learn more about her as a Mandalorian. Those were some of the most fascinating story arcs in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, so I’m hoping to see more of that aspect of Sabine soon. We also got a brief cameo from R2-D2 this episode when Sabine and Ketsu dropped of the courier. That was a nice little sighting. Star Wars Rebels continues deliver quality episode after quality episode this season always giving me just enough to be satisfied but be craving for more!

Star Wars Rebels airs on Wednesday nights on Disney XD.

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