Review: Star Wars Rebels S2 Ep8 – ‘The Future of the Force’

By December 3, 2015

In this week’s episode of Star Wars: Rebels we saw the return of the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister and Ahsoka being a badass. Oh and Kanan, Ezra and Zeb were all there too. Let’s take a look at ‘The Future of the Force’.

This was a pretty straight forward episode. There weren’t any secondary plots or sidestories. The focus was on the two Inquisitors and a few of our Rebel heroes as they thwart the Inquisitors’ plans. And what were those plans? Hunting down and capturing Force sensitive children.  

This episode once again enforced just how ruthless the Inquisitors are as they murdered everyone aboard the transport ship.  As soon as we saw that they were after that child I knew exactly what they were up to.  I wonder if this is how they were found years ago. Were they hunted down and captured (probably by Sidious) and molded from a young age to become Inquisitors? Or did they come into this training and joining the rank of the Inquisitors at much older age? I would be interested to see if this episode coincides at all with how the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister were found.

While these two Force sensitive children were the macguffin’s of the episode I’m glad the search and interaction with the children didn’t take away from the episode. I was worried after seeing the promo for this episode last week when we saw the babies that it was going to become overly childish and silly (yes, I know this is aimed at kids as well), but those scenes with the young ones were very short and far between. It didn’t turn out to be a gimmick for the episode or try to get a laugh. Sure, there was the one scene where Kanan, Zeb and Ezra try to keep the one quiet but that didn’t bother me and it was over pretty quick.  

I continue to be more intrigued by the Seventh Sister that Fifth Brother. She seems much more fiendish and clever whereas he seems be more of just the muscle (but still very capable). One question I didn’t even consider until after the episode is how did they know where these Force sensitive children were? If they said I must have missed it. Was the Emperor or Vader able to sense their presence? Is there someone else out there tracking these for the Empire? I would be interested to know how they were able to find these two children.

The highlight of the episode was of course the battle between Ahsoka and the Inquisitors. This was what I was waiting for. Ahsoka is a skilled Jedi (well…former Jedi) and she absolutely mopped the floor with the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister.  They gave it their best but they were no match for her. I’m glad that the show never gave even once a look of concern on Ahsoka’s face. She was in complete control. The only thing I was worried about was the possibility of one of the Inquisitors getting in a cheap shot to knock her out.  I shouldn’t have been because Dave Filoni knows the character of Ahsoka better than anyone and to have her be knocked out by a surprise attack by these two would have been a disservice to the character.  Then she continues to show off how awesome she is by escaping the Empire’s clutches by effortless evading capture and reboarding the Phantom.

The confrontation at the end made this episode. Ahsoka was my favorite character in The Clone Wars, so every time we get to see her back in action is an absolute thrill for me.  The Rebels may have escaped the Inquisitors’ clutches this time, but because of Ezra’s big mouth they now know exactly where to find them, on Garel. Did you forget there was probe droid in that exact location only moments ago? Apparently so. And let’s not skip over the fact that they were able to locate Force sensitive children. I want to know how. Is it merely how the Jedi found young ones years ago or is it something else?

Star Wars Rebels airs on Disney XD on Wednesday nights.

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