Review: ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ S4 Ep7 – ‘The Arena of Carnage’

By January 25, 2016

This week on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the team try recover a piece of the black hole device, the Turtles must channel their inner gladiator, and a new ally in the fight against the Triceratons emerges. Let’s take a look at this week’s episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ‘The Arena of Carnage’!

That’s right folks, GeekNation is going to be bringing you weekly recaps and reviews of your favorite heroes in a half shell! I’m extremely late to this party, but I’m thrilled to finally be in attendance and excited to talk about an incredibly special series. I lived and breathed TMNT as a kid, growing up on the 80s cartoon and 90s films. My toys and Saturday mornings revolved around the Turtles. I caught an episode here and there of the 2003 series but for whatever reason I never got into it. Plus, it was a much more serialized show and I got so far behind I just never made the effort to catch up.

When the 2012 series made its debut on Nickelodeon I can’t say that it was something I was particularly interested in. I had outgrown the Turtles or at least so I thought (with the exception of the 1990 film which is a masterpiece). Here and there over the past couple years I’ve caught an occasional episode of the current series and I found myself enjoying it. With the show continuing into its fourth season and receiving strong praise from various sites and channels, I decided to finally catch up. I can tell you right now I made a fantastic decision. The show is fun, smart, full of action, and it respects its audience. It may be a “kids” show but there are several call backs to all incarnations of the Turtles from over the years. The pop culture references and inside jokes are amazing and the stories are engaging and fun.

Enough about me let’s get into this week’s episode of TMNT or as the Turtles were called in the episode, Adolescence Alien Warrior Terrapins. That kind of reminded me of Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills. Virtual high five if you remember that show…and moving on. What an episode to be our inaugural recap and review for GeekNation! This episode begins with the Turtles in a training simulator on the Fugitoid’s ship. And this isn’t just any ol’ training simulation. The Turtles are taking on some of Shredder’s minions one-on-one in Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat format with heath bars and everything. Leo lets out a Shoryuken! to take down Tiger Claw and then Mikey gets a “Finish Him” from Shredder in his combat with Rahzar. Baloonality!!! That whole sequence was fantastic. Too bad we didn’t get to see Donnie and Raph have their training sequence. Maybe one day.

The Turtles’ training was cut short as they were closing in on the Triceraton mother ship. The Fugitoid (Prof. Honeycutt) sets a plan in motion to send the Turtles aboard the mother ship in order to retrieve the first piece of the black hole generator. Unfortunately before the Turtles even get a chance to employ their ninja stealth skills they run into Admiral Mozar and some other Triecraton soldiers. They are captured and thrown into an airlock to be tortured as the oxygen is slowly sucked out of the room before finally being blown out into space. In order to combat the lack of oxygen, Leonardo calms his brothers by reminding them of their training. They focus their minds and employ Sendou jutsu, a meditative breathing technique the Master Splinter taught them allowing them to slow their body functions to go without oxygen. I love our fun loving, teenage turtles but I love it even more when they really tap into their training whether its stealth, combat or in this case meditation. It’s a reminder that they are extremely skilled ninjas that know what they are doing.

Admiral Mozar has had enough of this and gives the order to open the air lock all the way and blast the Turtles out in the space. But before the Turtles are thrust out into to space the Triceraton Emperor, Emperor Zanmaron (voiced by freaking Michael Ironside), puts a halt to it as he wants to use the Turtles for a bit of sport. He is intrigued by them so he orders that they compete in games in the Tri-Arena. Essentially they must fight for their survival in gladiatorial arena. Ah, space apples!

Meanwhile, the Fugitoid, April and Casey have formulated a rescue plan to get the Turtles and the piece of the generator but as expected not everything goes according to plan. Professor Honeycutt is captured by the Triceratons and April and Casey are off to secure the piece of the generator.

While waiting for their first battle, the Turtles befriend the prisoner who is in the cell next them. Mikey continues to stuff anything remotely edible into his mouth even if they are alien slugs that are crawling around their cell. That dude may love pizza but if he’s hungry he will eat pretty much anything. They learn that the other prisoner is a Triceraton by the name of Zeno. He was a warrior who opposed the use of the black hole generator and was thrown into prison and forced to fight in the Tri-Arena because of his convictions.

The Turtles make it past the creature they were fighting in round one as Donnie was able to locate the one weakness that Zeno told them about. But of course the next challenger the Turtles faced was Zeno himself. Not only is he a fearsome Triceraton warrior but he’s three to four times the size of a normal Triceraton. So yeah, he’s huge! The Turtles do their best to combat Zeno but they are no match for his size and brute strength. When Leo is pinned the rest of the turtles plead with Zeno to help them fight back against the Triceraton Empire in their mission to destroy the generator pieces and save Earth. Zeno is moved by their plight and the honor that the Turtles have shown and turns against his captures. The Turtles use this distraction to rescue Professor Honeycutt and they use Emperor Zanmaron as a hostage as they make a run for their ship.

While all this is going on in the arena, April and Casey locate the first piece to the generator. April uses her psychic abilities along with the crystal shard to boost her abilities to get through some Triceraton defenses. I’m sure we’ll see her use that more and more (and I have a feeling it will have a negative effect on her eventually). April and Casey use one of the hovering containment fields to transport the piece back to the ship. The Turtles and April and Casey run into each other (literally) as they are both running from Triceraton soldiers.

Our heroes are able to escape the mother ship and make a clean getaway. Now that they have the first piece of the generator they are on their way to track down piece number two. And it looks like Professor Honeycutt has an idea on where to start. Booyakasha!

Like I said, what an episode to kick off our reviews! The Turtles in a gladiatorial arena in space! There were so many great and fun moments and the episode furthered along the main story of this season.

Make sure to check back for all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles updates – right here at GeekNation!

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  • Dave Nielsen

    Interesting how okay they all were leaving Zeno to face certain death.