Review: ‘The Flash’ S02E08 – ‘Legends Of Today’

By December 2, 2015

On this week’s episode of The Flash, we learned that Patty has a hair-trigger, Malcolm Merlyn likes to make an entrance and Cisco needs to get better taste in women. Let’s take a closer look at “Legends Of Today,” shall we?

This week’s episode opens at the docks, where we see that a ship has come in and that they have managed to capture a stowaway in their midst, who needs to be taken into custody. Yeah, like that’s going to happen when you’re dealing with the likes of Vandal Savage. Savage tears through the sailors and the police officer easily, and sets off on his search for his target in Central City. He finds her on a date with Cisco. While Kendra claims to have no idea who he is, Savage calls her Shiera and insists that he’s there to kill her. Cisco uses the Flash app on his phone to call the Scarlet Speedster, who manages to rescue them. Savage escapes as Cisco accidentally spills the beans about The Flash’s secret identity. This forces the group to let Kendra in on their little secret society.

Realizing that Savage is not a meta-human, the group enlists the help of Team Arrow, who’ve had their share of brushes with magic and mysticism over the last eight months. Just as they’re trying to figure out who and what Savage is, Malcolm Merlyn makes an appearance and informs them that Savage is an immortal, and a pretty formidable foe. When Savage tries to kill Kendra a second time, this time in Star City, they all realize that they’re dealing with something they may not be able to stop. As Cisco tries to reassure Kendra that they’re going to keep her safe, she’s abducted by a guy with wings.

Enter Hawkman. He explains to Kendra that she is his soulmate and that they’ve been running from Savage for 4000 years. They’ve been reincarnated 206 times, and while in every life they find one another again, every time Savage kills them, he grows more powerful. He also explains that she is blocking that part of herself and she needs to get past it in order for this to work. She tries to get things moving by throwing herself off a building, to no avail. It’s only after Barry convinces her to embrace her destiny that she is able to bring forth her wings and truly fly. Cisco then dubs her Hawkgirl.

Meanwhile, back in Central City, the Green Arrow and The Flash are chasing Savage, who is on the hunt for the Staff Of Horus, a powerful weapon that will make him virtually unstoppable. They figure out its location, but are too late. Savage already has it and uses it to defeat the two of them. He doesn’t get a chance to kill them however, because in the middle of the fight, he feels Kendra’s transformation into Hawkgirl and vanishes.

Back at the lab, Dr. Wells and Caitlin are trying to find a way to make Barry go faster. He hasn’t improved since his run in with Zoom a couple of weeks ago and he needs to in order to defeat Zoom the next time they meet. Together, the two of them come up with a serum, called Velocity 6, which should temporarily increase any speedster’s speed. Problem is, they need a guinea pig to test it on, so they call in Jay Garrick. Jay refuses to help because he still doesn’t trust Wells, and stomps off. When Patty later sees Dr. Wells out and about, she assumes he is the evil Eobard Thawne version and confronts him. She them shoots him when she thinks he’s threatening her. The wound is life threatening and Caitlin can’t save him by traditional methods. She implores Jay to use the serum and he briefly gets his powers back and helps save the good (?) doctor. He ten tells Wells in no uncertain terms that he will not be using the serum again, before once again stomping off.

In the closing bit, as Oliver and Barry discuss their Savage problem, they are bumped into by a little boy carrying a Flash action figure. When Oliver looks up, he sees that the little boy belongs to a blast from his past, the ex-girlfriend who was pregnant but Moira paid off to leave town. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a bouncing baby boy!

legends of today body image

Okay, so I actually really liked this episode and think it made for a great start to the cross-over. I know I’ve been lamenting the whole Legends Of Tomorrow slow reveal this season on both The Flash and Arrow, but it seems to have finally paid off. I think that the addition of Carter and Kendra is interesting and I am looking forward to seeing a bit more about them and their relationship. Hopefully, we’ll get a little of that in LoT. And seriously, how cool would a mini-series that chronicles their various incarnations be? I really think someone needs to get on that, because that is something I would definitely watch.

Speaking of which, how awesome is Vandal Savage? What a spectacular foe for our teams to face off against. He brings a ruthlessness and a savagery that has been missing in most of the villains of the week. While I think that both Damien Darhk and Zoom are fantastic additions to the universe, I like the fact that they decided to bring in another strong foe for everyone to battle. It seems to up the stakes a little more.

As to the stakes, I am really interested to see what Velocity 6 brings to the table. I like the idea that they are able to manipulate the speed force to a certain extent and it should help in their plan to defeat Zoom in the end. But someone, please tell me why they’re wasting Teddy Sears? Jay Garrick is an interesting character who is being brutally underused and turned into a sullen, woe-is-me baby. Here’s hoping that by using the serum that it sparked something in him that will bring his powers back. I have hope that the lightning crackling in his eyes means something. It would be a waste to have all these speedsters at their fingertips and not be able to use them. Since it looks like we’ll be introduced to Wally West next week, maybe a trio of Flash’s will be what’s needed to take Zoom down.

I think that this is a pretty great cross-over event and so far it’s been executed well. Both Oliver and Barry have had a lot happen to them since the last time they were forced to team up over eight months ago, and it’s great to see them talk and joke around about it all. I am anxious to see what happens with tonight’s conclusion on Arrow and the introduction of ATOM and both Canaries to the mix. I’ve got to say, if it stays this engaging tonight, it makes me really excited to check out Legends Of Tomorrow next month.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.

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