Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ S06E11 – “Knots Untie”

By February 29, 2016

On this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, we learned that every colony has one dick, Jesus really is very diplomatic and you really can’t take Rick anywhere. Let’s take a closer look at “Knots Untie,” shall we?

This week’s episode opens with Sasha and Abraham having a heart to heart, just before Sasha announces that she will be giving up her patrol with him, so Eugene can pull more of his weight. Turns out though, that it’s really more of a flashback of Abraham’s because we then cut to him in bed with Rosita. A little bit of tension blossoms between the two of them, especially as Abraham’s mind keeps flashing back to Sasha.

Maggie and Glenn see an unaccompanied Jesus head to Rick’s house, and call in the cavalry.  Carl pulls a gun on Jesus, just as a buck naked Rick and Michonne come out of the bedroom. Daryl, Abraham and Glenn also burst in to see the peep show. Once everyone is dressed, Jesus tells them that he belongs to a settlement that trades with all kinds of other settlements. He’ll take them there and show them. Yeah, because I believe him.

Our main group decides to pack up the RV and see just what exactly it is he’s talking about. N the journey, Abraham confronts Glenn about his and Maggie’s decision to start a family, but Glenn tells him that it’s about building something new. They run across a car crash, but when they get out to investigate, Jesus claims that it’s not a trap and that his people must be in trouble. As the team goes in search for the crash survivors, Michonne and Maggie hold a handcuffed Jesus hostage, just in case it is a trap. They do manage find four of Jesus’ friends, who all come on board as they make their way to wherever they’re being led. That is, until the RV gets stuck in the mud. But it’s okay, because according to Jesus, they’re here. He then leads them on foot to The Hilltop. Because this isn’t going to end badly, or anything!

The men on the wall aren’t so accommodating however, even when Jesus identifies himself. The group refuses to give up their weapons, but Jesus talks his people into letting them in anyway. He also confides that Hilltop actually ran out of ammo a few weeks ago, so really, it’s all for show. The gates open and the team is led inside. The compound is built on a historical site, and it seems that the local folks flocked to it. Jesus then takes them to meet Gregory, their leader, who insists that the group get cleaned up first, because he’s trying to keep the place clean. Anyone else getting a Governor vibe? Maggie goes to meet with him, after she’s presentable and all, but he’s really more about fishing for information. Maggie tries to talk trade, but he tells her point blank that her group has nothing. He then offers to let some of our survivors come and work in trade, basically letting her know that she can get far if she used her feminine wiles. She shuts that down instantly, and he dismisses her.

As the team waits around, the guards from the wall come to tell Gregory that someone’s back. When Gregory questions where everyone else is, the three ‘survivors’ tell him that the others are dead. According to Negan, the drop was light. And he has a message, which includes a knife to the belly for Gregory. A nasty fight ensues and Abraham almost gets strangled, until Daryl comes to his rescue and snaps his attackers arm in two. The stabby guy gets the drop on Rick and holds a knife to his throat, insisting that Gregory has to die in order for his brother to survive. Michonne creates a distraction, and Rick stabs the guy in the throat, killing him. Needless to say, the folks of Hilltop aren’t all that impressed, and they go on the attack. Jesus steps in and manages to calm everyone down, telling Rick and his team that things aren’t exactly as cut and dry as they seem. Umm, yeah, that’s pretty apparent. And we all know that as soon as Negan’s name is mentioned… well, that seriously complicates things.

As the episode comes to an end, Jesus explains about Negan and the Saviors and his penchant for beating people to death to make them understand. He also explains that in exchange for half of everything they have or create, Negan and his people don’t attack them. Daryl and Abraham then tell everyone about the little rocket launcher episode a month or so ago, and the team offers to take care of Hilltop’s Negan problem. Jesus takes the offer to Gregory, who insists on speaking with Maggie. He is still a prick, but Maggie puts him in his place, insisting that they give over half of everything they have right now, in exchange for their services. Either that, or the deal is off. With no real choice in the matter, Gregory agrees. Rick enlists the help of one of the hilltop people, the one who knows where Negan is. Jesus also decides to go with them. Because Hilltop is so well setup, Maggie and Glenn get a chance to see their baby on a sonogram before the team heads out. You’ve really go to wonder if it’s to slaughter.

knots untie 2

This was an interesting episode. It’s always exciting to see other colonies and life outside of Alexandria, and the different dynamics that exist. Hilltop, and their connection to Negan, was no exception. I love the fact that our group was like, yup, we can take care of that for you, but it’s going to cost you. There was a time, not that long ago, that our group would have just killed Jesus or walked away from the whole thing. You’ve got to wonder if they’re going to regret their decision once they actually get a load of the Saviors. I guess the draw of the supplies and possibly making an ally outweighs the guilt about taking out an entire group of people.

While not a whole lot happened in this episode, overall it continues the season long story arc, which is the march to Negan’s door. While I am excited to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan, because I love him (and he will always be Big Daddy Winchester to me!), the idea of him playing Negan is both thrilling and terrifying. I don’t read the comics, but I know all about the big bad, and I can’t say that I’m looking forward to seeing him onscreen.

I don’t do well with pure evil, and I’m really attached to the cast that we have now. There is no doubt in my mind that the group is not going to come out of this confrontation unscathed, and I weep for whoever we are going to lose this time around. I’m not sure that it’s going to play out the same as it does in the graphic novels, because I think that’s too easy, but given what happened with the sonogram and everything, it wouldn’t really surprise me. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday night on AMC.

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  • David Johnson

    I don’t think the writers that stayed with TWD instead of joining FTWD have the cojones to kill any of the main cast. They lost me with the first 2 episodes & this review makes me glad i just streamed some movies yesterday!