Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ S06E12 – “Not Tomorrow Yet”

By March 7, 2016

On this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, we learned that you can virtually make cookies from anything, relationships are hard in the apocalypse and staying behind is the quintessential way to get captured. Let’s take a closer look at “Not Tomorrow Yet,” shall we?

This week’s episode begins back in Alexandria, with Carol looking over the group’s waning provisions. She’s back to Susie homemaker mode, making and delivering cookies she’s made out of beets and acorns to everyone. She and Tobin have a moment before Rick and the others return. Morgan then confronts Carol about not saying anything to Rick and the others about him keeping Wolfe locked up. She tells him to forget it, and then, in an aww-isn’t-that-sweet-even-though-he-was-annoying moment, she leaves a cookie on Sam’s grave.

At the meeting, Rick explains the deal they’ve made with Hilltop, in exchange for the group taking out Negan and the Saviors. He spins it around, telling the group that, just like the Wolves, the Saviors would have found them eventually, and this way, as the aggressors, they will be prepared. He also tells them it’s a group decision, and Morgan suggests that they try to talk to the Saviors. At this point, Morgan just needs to go, because he’s viewing this world through rose-colored glasses. Rick tells them that he thinks it’s a mistake, but that ultimately, it’s a group decision. The group decides that attack is their best option and they need to make sure to kill them all.

As night falls, everyone gets ready to head out in the morning. Carol seems to be having a hard time with stuff these days, and it turns out she’s keeping track of the people she’s killed in a notebook she keeps in her room. Unable to sleep, she goes for a walk and meets up with Tobin, who can’t sleep either. He tells her that she scares him, because she’s so strong. They share another moment and a kiss. (Dammit, where has the Daryl connection gone?). Maggie tells Glenn that she’s going with the group to attack the Saviors, because she’s the one who got them into this. Abraham packs up his stuff and tells Rosita that he’s leaving Alexandria for good, and when she confronts him about it, he tells her that it’s just what has to happen.

No mention of his obsession with Sasha, I see. Tara tells Denise that she loves her, and asks her to come on a run with her and Heath after they take care of the Saviors, but Denise declines, because you know, she has to stay because she’s the only medical professional in the place. Rick, Daryl and Michonne question the guy they brought from Hilltop about Negan’s compound, but when he suggests that they’ll never be able to break in, Rick states that they’re going to walk through the front gates, because they’re going to bring Negan what he wants, which is Gregory’s head.

The team heads out the next morning to begin the setup for whatever their plan of attack is. Rosita confronts Carol about not giving up Morgan, but Carol once again gets her to back down. She can understand why Morgan doesn’t want to kill anyone. It appears that the plan is to find a zombie head that looks like Gregory and use it as bait to get the Saviors to open their doors. As Glenn and Heath are out trying to find just the right one, they too have a heart to heart about killing people in cold blood. It seems that no one is relishing the fact, but they all agree that it has to be done.

Carol insists that since Maggie shouldn’t be there at all, she will stay outside with the expectant mother when the time comes. This is followed by an amusing scene where the guys from Hilltop take a look at their handiwork in making the zombie heads look like Gregory. When it’s suggested that the nose isn’t right, Rick picks it up and punches it a few times, making it look like there was a fight. The not Jesus guy then tells Rick that while Negan and his men are scary, they’re nothing compared to our former sheriff. Yeah, somehow I don’t think that’s quite right, although Rick has become rather unpredictable of late.

To get the plan underway, the team sends the not-Jesus guy (I think his name is Eddie) to the Saviors compound with the severed head. The ruse seems to work and after a little severed head, puppet theatre, they agree to release Craig. When the one guy heads inside, Daryl and the rest of the team race in and do a little killing and entering. Once inside, plan kill people while they’re sleeping and can’t alert the others, commences. Rick has no problem doing this, but when it comes to Glenn and Heath, the former steps in so that the latter doesn’t have to.

You know, after their heart to heart and everything. In one of the rooms, they do find photos of people with their heads bashed in, you know, as Negan is wont to do. Macabre and creepy and at this point I would be getting the hell out of dodge. Abraham and Sasha aren’t so lucky though, as they’re seen by one of the Saviors, He pulls the fire alarm before they can kill him, alerting everyone to intruders. Tara, Jesus and Gabriel send Eddie and Craig back to Hilltop, to make sure the deal is still valid, before Jesus races inside. And it is every inch the bloodbath you would expect. And our team does pretty well, killing everyone who gets in their way. Including Tara and Gabriel, who remain outside and kill anyone who tries to escape.

As the episode comes to a close, the team makes their way into the heart of the compound. They seem to think that they’re in the clear and that all is good. As Heath and Tara grab a truck and camper and head out for their run, we cut back to Alexandria and Morgan, who is in tears. Back at the compound, Michonne questions which one was Negan, just as a Savior comes barreling out on a motorbike. Then a voice comes over a loud speaker, demanding that everyone drop their weapons. When they refuse, the voice tells them that they’ve got a Carol and a Maggie and that they may want to talk.

not tomorrow yet 2

Whew, a lot happened in this episode, especially considering most of it was basically setup. I do appreciate that they took the time to reveal everyone’s feelings and kind of tied up some loose ends in regards to a couple of relationships, considering that everything is going to go to crap in a matter of moments. Because let’s face it, nothing is going to be the same after the confrontation with Negan. Although they managed to more than hold their own against the lackey’s, the big bad is something else.

At this point, I don’t think that Negan is going to bludgeon Glenn to death (like he did in the comic books), but I think that both Aaron and Jesus are up for grabs. I can’t see the showrunners going through the whole is-Glen-dead-or-isn’t-he thing in the fall, only to have him die now, especially since it would only be basically a fan service type of thing. I could be wrong, but they’ve made enough changes so far to distance this iteration from the books, so to go back kind of seems like a bit of a copout. But, that’s just me, and I could be totally wrong.

But boy was this a bloodbath, or what? It was pretty incredible to see such a visceral and graphic episode, and the fact that the group actually went there. I mean, I get survival of the fittest and everything, but they slaughtered those guys. It’s one thing for them to massacre the zombies, but quiet another when it’s actual people. And I appreciate that they took the time to address it with some of our characters.

While people like Daryl, Carol, Rick and Michonne have killed before, this was the first time for a lot of our characters, and it made for some pretty powerful moments. I especially liked the one where Glen was upset about killing the first guy but then stepped up so that Heath didn’t have to commit murder. The Father Gabriel scene was also pretty special and I’m glad to see him stepping up and doing what needs to be done It’s about time.

Overall, this was a pretty amazing episode. It was just enough of everything to keep things moving, but setting the scene and ramping up the tension for the big showdown, which will probably occur during the season finale. We have yet to see Negan yet, but we are all anticipating it so much, we can all practically taste it. And while I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I am also dreading his turn as Negan because I think he’s going to kill it… both literally and figuratively. I’m not sure I can handle Big Daddy Winchester being an evil guy.

At this point, I don’t really have a choice though, do I? I fully expect next week’s episode to be all about Maggie and Carol’s capture and attempts to escape, so it will probably be another week or so before we get a look at the big bad. I’m okay with waiting.

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