Ridley Scott Reveals ‘Prometheus 2’ Title

By September 24, 2015

The Alien franchise and its onscreen world has had a bit of a bumpy ride over the years. After beginning strong with two of the best sci-fi films ever made in Alien and Aliens, the franchise’s quality started to quickly decrease with every follow-up. Which was one of the biggest reasons fans were so excited to see director Ridley Scott return to the world in 2012’s Prometheus.

The film divided fans to say the least, with some loving the Alien prequel, and others being let down by its story and lack of understandable connections to the original films. However, with the Prometheus franchise moving forward at the same time as Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5, how the two franchises intertwine might end up being more interesting than some fans are giving them credit for.

While speaking recently with HeyUGuys though, Ridley Scott has finally revealed the title for Prometheus 2, and it’s not quite what we were expecting. Check out the clip below:

Now, for those of you are possibly not familiar with John Milton’s poem, “Paradise Lost”, the text tells the Bibical story of the fall of man into temptation. It follows the story of the Devil’s fall from Heaven, his subsequent temptation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, all the way to God banishing the duo from the Garden.

Scott is no stranger to Biblical undertones in his films, and considering the religious themes and parallels presented in the relationship between the Engineers and the humans in Prometheus, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that the film’s sequel would continue the same story. However, with Scott recently saying that the Prometheus franchise won’t be tying into the Alien franchise until the third or fourth installment, it’s interesting that the sequel would carry the Alien name instead of the former.

This is most likely because Alien is the more well-known of the two properties, and should bring in a larger crowd than Prometheus, so it’s possible that the sequel will contain more references and connections to the Xenomorphs than we’ve been previously told. We know that the sequel will continue to delve into why the Engineers decided to create the Xenomorphs and their “evil biology”, and now that the sequel has an even stronger connection to the Biblical parallels with its title – it’ll be interesting to see what ultimately leads to the creation of the Xenomorphs we encounter at the beginning of Alien.

Alien: Paradise Lost is set to begin filming in 2016.

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