Ridley Scott Says ‘Alien: Covenant’ Will Have Chest-bursters and Face-huggers

By December 12, 2015

The closer we get to Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant the more apparent one thing becomes: this is far from being the Prometheus sequel it started out as. Even though Prometheus was pretty divisive among fans (I thought it was decent but flawed), having Scott onboard to guide the franchise’s future still inspired some optimism. But after dropping the Prometheus name altogether and then shelving Neil Blomkamp’s Alien 5, it’s clear Scott has his sights set on returning his original sci-fi franchise to glory. Which…actually is pretty cool. But it’s kind of a shady way to go about it.

Just in case there were some out there who still dreamed of a true sequel to Prometheus, well, sorry. It ain’t happening. The film has since (xeno)morphed into a prequel to the original Alien film from 1979. In a recent interview with TheWrap (via Bloody-Disgusting), Scott basically put the official nail in the Prometheus coffin in response to a question about the “sequel”:

“Yeah. Well, really it’s Alien,” explains Scott who reveals that the film will give birth to a new creature. “They’re going to go to the planet where the Engineers came from, and come across the evolving creature that they had made. Why did they make it? Why would they make such a terrifying beast? It felt bio-mechanoid, it felt like a weapon. And so the movie will explain that, and reintroduce the Alien back into it.”

So we’re all clear here, right? It’s an Alien movie. No more Prometheus. Got it? Ok cool. Plus a “new creature”! So that’s fun.

Scott went on to ask a question that’s sure to spark plenty of debate:

“There was always this discussion: Is Alien, the character, the beast, played out or not?,”

Play nice, everybody.

But the most intriguing part of the interview is when Scott let slip that we wouldn’t just be seeing xenomorphs in Covenant. Nope, the whole gang’s gonna be there:

“We’ll have them all: egg, face-hugger, chest-burster, then the big boy.”

So yeah…it’s an Alien movie through and through. That’s what’s happening now.

While the exploration of the history of the xenomorph has turned some fans off (the monster’s scarier if you don’t know its origins), knowing that Ridley Scott is now completely focused on returning to the universe he created way back in ’79 is still cause for excitement. Yes, Prometheus was a bit of a miss (or a colossal disaster depending on who you ask), but the original Alien is an absolute classic. With Scott fully devoted to fleshing out that story, any chance he can recapture the magic of that film (or even just come close) should have fans drooling acid all over the place. Here’s hoping his official return to the Alien universe will be a successful one.

Alien: Covenant will open in theaters on October 6, 2017.

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