Ridley Scott Teams Up With Machinima To Produce 12 Sci-Fi Shorts

By March 12, 2013

If ever there was someone out there to make me feel I could be achieving way more productivity in my life, it’d be Ridley Scott. The man’s busy. I mean BUSY. He’s directing AND executive producing the upcoming Vatican pilot for Showtime…There’s massive speculation on the recently announced Bladerunner sequel he’s “working on”…there’s Prometheus 2, producing Chan-Wook Park’s latest film Stoker, and wearing the producer hat (I picture something fancy with a feather in it) on roughly ten more projects for the remainder of the year through 2014.

Well he just added twelve more projects to his busy roster with the recent announcement that he will be partnering with video entertainment company Machinima. If you don’t know Machinima, then you probably don’t really know the Internet, the company has boasted over a billion monthly video views on their Youtube channels. This past February, they hit 2 billion. Holy what!?

Mr. Scott will be on as executive producer for the 12 short films and will utilize talent from his own production company, Ridley Scott and Associates. This is pretty big, given the ever growing popularity of the short film medium online. On top of this, each of these “high-octane science fiction” shorts will be considered for further development depending on their success. Meaning, we may be getting some pretty cool feature films and web series from these shorts in the future, possibly maybe.

Machinima’s wide reach with the key demographic of young men 18-34, and recent successes with their Mortal Kombat franchise seem to bring me to the easy conclusion that this will be a fantastic partnership. You guys! The potential here is huge! With the possibility of bringing in big name directors who have worked with RSA in the past (like Kathryn Bigelow, Neill Blomkamp and even Martin Scorsese), well…I’m just bursting at the seams, folks! I mean, have you seen Neill Blomkamp’s Yellow?


“It’s a tremendous opportunity for pushing the creative boundaries for both our filmmakers and the audience,” said Scott.

Yeah, no kidding!

Given the timing of this announcement, there aren’t any details regarding what films when, or who will be directing what. However, if the most recent RSA projects like The Jaguar F-Type DESIRE trailer and the new David Bowie music video are any inclination of what’s to come, one thing is for certain…


This team up is going to be ridonkulous!

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