Riri Williams’ New Iron Man Armor Revealed by Marvel

By July 7, 2016

Yesterday, Brian Michael Bendis and the rest of the creative execs at Marvel Comics made a huge announcement when they revealed that following the events of Civil War II,  Tony Stark would be hanging up his Iron Man suit, and turning away from his full time adventuring. In addition, a 15-year-old black female MIT student named Riri Williams would be taking over for Tony as the Iron Man hero, a character who had been seen several times in the recent Invincible Iron Man issues.

Already on her way to being smarter than Tony Stark as well, Williams has managed to reverse-engineer one of Tony’s old suits as a college student with a significantly limited supply of materials at her disposal. Our first look at what her official Iron Man costume is going to be has been revealed today though, and it seems to be an interesting combination between Tony’s suit, with an added twist for the Williams character.

Check out the new suit’s design below:


Designed by series artist Stefano Caselli, Williams will be leading her own series when Invincible Iron Man relaunches later this Fall, in a first issue written by Bendis, illustrated by Caselli,with promo art done by Jeff Dekal.

Following the traumatic events in Civil War II, it sounds like a change in direction and leadership might be just the thing that the Iron Man character could need moving forwards, and Williams is already on her way to being a very different version of the hero than Tony ever was, coming from different origins but with a similar attitude, it seems like. Seeing how she and Tony interact, and how he comes to pass the mantle to her should be an interesting story beat for Tony as well, considering his typical, egotistical attitude.

Though if anyone was going to be his replacement, a 15-year-old female prodigy does seem like a fairly fitting choice, doesn’t it?

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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  • Gerard Hernandez

    Why the need to change all classic superheroes and turn them into female, gays, black, kids, elders or any combination. Tony Stark is the secret identity of Iron Man (well not that secret) but if you need a similar character, then kill Tony Stark and Introduce a new female character. How I am supposed to tell to my 4 years old boy that some guys without fresh ideas decided to turn a man into a girl.
    I’m not homophobic or racist, but stop changing classic character just to satisfy lgtb or anti racist groups. create a new character that is cool enough and it won’t mather if is gay, lesbian, woman, a child, even a carrot will work.

    I wonder when Wonder Woman will be made male, the same for psylocke, batgirl, Oracle, black widow, scarlet witch, Rogue, mystique, Catwoman, Harley Queen, Ms Marvel and please made a straight Batwoman, Doesn’t make sense right??? Is not fair right?? The same apply for all of us who grew up with this classic characters.

  • akhil sai

    how can it be ironman. It should be “The invincible irongirl or ironteen