‘Roadies’ Trailer Sends Cameron Crowe Back to His ‘Almost Famous’ Roots

By February 12, 2016

Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore and love Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous. The film has had a profound effect on my life throughout the year since I first saw it, and while some of Crowe’s films in the past few years haven’t quite been up to par (still a little heartbroken about Aloha), it’s near-impossible for me not to be excited for Roadies.

The show is Crowe’s first forray into the television world, taking him back to his days in the rock and roll music scene that so many loved seeing represented onscreen in Almost Famous. Picked up for series by Showtime, and featuring an all-star cast including Imogen Poots, Carla Gugino, Luke Wilson, Luis Guzman, and more, it’s one of this year’s most anticipated new shows.

The first official trailer for Roadies has been revealed as well, and it’s got everything you’d possibly want from a Cameron Crowe project:

I’m gonna do my best to not rave just about how incredible of a year it looks like Imogen Poots is going to have (Green Room, Frank & Lola, and this?), and also try and resist instantly falling in love with this trailer. Although, both will probably be a struggle.

Of course the music is incredible, but the cast and the directing behind the series are what stood out to me most prominently here. It’s got the same inspirational quotes and vibe as any other Cameron Crowe movie, but the fact that this is a full on TV series make this his most interesting project in years. I look forward to seeing how he plans on telling this story over a much longer time frame than he’s used to, and what the overall story of Roadies is going to be. From this trailer alone though, I’m on board.

Roadies will premiere on Showtime on June 26th.

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Alex Welch

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  • Rachel

    I don’t want to forgive Cameron for Aloha….but this looks pretty good. Plus major props to whoever decided to use the Eddie Vedder song, Hard Sun (from one of my all time favorite soundtracks – Into The Wild) in the trailer.