Rocket and Groot Speak! Watch The New ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Trailer

By May 19, 2014

Without further ado:


How awesome was that? This movie is going to kick so much ass.

Pretty much all of the marketing materials for this film so far have concentrated on the main characters (rightly so, considering most people – in both the movie world and our real world – have never heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy), but the thing that this second trailer captures so well is the sheer scope of the filmmaking. Some of the Marvel movies thus far have been hampered by a sense of limited scope. Even the first Thor, which is supposed to be a space-spanning adventure, felt a little small; the tiny New Mexico town felt more like a backlot than a real place, even Asgard didn’t feel as huge and grand as I believe Kenneth Branagh intended.

But it looks like a good portion of this film takes place in the sky, and the fact that there are giant sweeping action sequences with ships and debris flying overhead – including that awesome shot of Drax from behind as he faces down something huge – coupled with Glenn Close’s mention that the fate of 12 billion people rests in the hands of the Guardians makes this feel like a huge movie. Based on Gunn’s previous work and what we’re seeing here, I have a feeling this is going to strike the perfect balance of colossal worldbuilding and great character work.

The throwback music (“Spirit in the Sky”) seems to really fit well with this story, and I also really love John C. Reilly’s last line: “This might not be the best idea.” It’s a meta commentary on Marvel’s decision to go big and weird with this film, hoping that audiences come out in the same numbers as they do to see the now-familiar Avengers team. Will this be the same kind of launching point as Iron Man was back in 2008? Time will tell, but it looks like Gunn has a bizarre, action-packed, and hilarious movie on his hands, so we’ll be first in line when it hits theaters on August 1st, 2014.

What do you think about this second trailer?

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