‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Trailer May Be Coming In May

By January 6, 2016

Remember when you first saw the trailer for The Force Awakens? That was a good day. Now with the Disney folks owning the Star Wars rights and throwing out movies out like Oprah does cars, there may be many good days to come.

The lastest news of a trailer that shall break the internet as if it were on a Kylo Ren style berzerker freakout comes from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. As you know Rogue One is a spinoff story to be Directed by Gareth Edwards, which we have barely any information on at this point. That could all change come May 6th, 2016 says StarWarsTime.com.

According to the site they have heard exclusively that the first official Rogue One trailer will debut with the release of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

If true this may be the equivalent to Marvel trying to give you cake while you prepare to eat cake. Take it with a grain of salt ofcourse, (not the cake, that’d be gross) because the rumors were abound with The Force Awakens trailer as well and if I had a nickel for everytime I heard someone say a Batman V. Superman trailer was coming out before it actually did? I could have bought like, one half portion.

Stay tuned to GeekNation for more updates on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!

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