‘Rogue One’ Makes One Last Push For 2016’s Winner Circle

By December 26, 2016

Although weekend box office results are still trickling in thanks to Christmas falling on a Sunday this year, one thing has become apparent – Rogue One has staved off a full frontal holiday assault from other studios to remain on top.

The Star Wars anthology film earned $64.4 million for the actual weekend, and $96.1 million for the extended holiday weekend, firmly holding its top place in the North American box office. That now brings its 10-day total to $286.4 million, firmly holding its slot as the No. 9 movie of the year.

Giving the sci-fi epic its biggest challenge was the musical Sing, which earned $35.3 million on the weekend, and an impressive $55.9 million for the holiday.

The comedy Why Him starring Bryan Cranston and James Franco, captured the third slot with $11.1 million, beating Assassin’s Creed with $10.3 million.

According to the weekend list as it stood late Monday morning, the top five films earned $128.4 million for the immediate weekend, according to The Numbers, well down from the $232.3 million the top five films captured the year before. Of course, back then, the box office was fueled by a $149.2 million second week for Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well as a strong debut for the second-place film, Daddy’s Home, which laughed up $38.7 million.

Rogue One will never have the numbers of The Force Awakens, but it is pushing to finish the year in the top five. Current estimates from The Numbers have the Star Wars film at $318.1 million domestically, less than $7 million away from Suicide Squad in the No. 8 spot. To reach No. 5, however, Rogue One will be forced to top the $363.1 million domestic haul of Deadpool – and do it in less than a week.

If it does accomplish that, Rogue One could finish not just at No. 5, but quite possibly No. 3 behind only Captain America: Civil War. The difference in box office between Deadpool and the current No. 3, The Secret Life of Pets, is a little more than $5 million.

Rogue One has a third shot to stay No. 1 this coming weekend, since no new wide releases are planned. The film did lose 58 percent of its opening audience, which is a little more steep than usual, meaning that trend would make next weekend’s haul a little more than $33 million. That should be more than enough to hold of Sing and even Why Him for a second week, as they would likely end up with half the box office weekend as the Star Wars movie.

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Michael Hinman

Michael Hinman

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