‘Rogue One’ Panel With Kathleen Kennedy and Gareth Edwards Announced at Star Wars Celebration Europe

By May 11, 2016

Similar to last year, it looks like Lucasfilm is going to take full advantage of Star Wars Celebration this year in London, to promote the next film in their Star Wars universe, much like The Force Awakens news and panel provided last year as well.

It has officially been announced that Lucasfilm President, Kathleen Kennedy, and director Gareth Edwards will be attending this year’s Celebration Europe with a special panel dedicated to Edwards’ Rogue One – A Star Wars, which is set for release later this year and marks the first Star Wars spin-off movie to be released from the now Disney-0wned era of the company.

The panel will be taking place on July 15th this year at Celebration, and will include “some special guests” in addition to Edwards and Kennedy, in what will probably be a “can’t-miss” event for Star Wars fans, as some new details about the film (and possibly some footage) will likely be revealed throughout the panel.

They join the already-confirmed Mark Hamill as special guests at this year’s Celebration event in London. You can buy tickets for the event by clicking here.

I imagine we’ll get some new information about some of the film’s characters at the panel, as well as possibly appearances from some of the stars of the film as well. I’m not quite as sure whether or not we’ll get a new trailer for the movie though, considering how recently the first teaser was released and we know how secretive and close-to-the-chest the creative team at Lucasfilm treat their projects. Nonetheless, it looks like Star Wars Celebration Europe won’t be an event you want to miss this year (in case it wasn’t already).

Star Wars Celebration Europe will be taking place from July 15th – 17th at the ExCel London Exhibition Centre this summer.

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