‘Rogue One’ Score Came Together In Record Time

By November 27, 2016


Rogue One hit a few production snags along the way, but a major shake-up occurred as recently as September on the Star Wars anthology film when Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino stepped in to replace Alexandre Desplat, leaving himself just four short weeks to compose the score for the entire movie and fill the impossible shoes of John Williams.

Reasons behind Desplat’s departure remain murky, with Lucasfilm citing scheduling conflicts and Giacchino telling Entertainment Weekly he declined to learn what happened to his predecessor.

“I’ll tell you, I actually don’t know an awful lot about that. (The filmmakers) were like, ‘Do you want to know what happened?’ And my response was, ‘You know what, when this is all over we can sit and talk and have a drink and you can tell me whatever you want. I’d love to hear the story. But for right now I feel like I’d rather just pretend nothing happened and everything is good and I’m just going to come onto this.'”

Giacchino had actually been looking forward to a vacation, having just finished the score for Doctor Strange and planning for some much-earned time off before he began work on Spider-Man: Homecoming. But when the call came from Lucasfilm, he couldn’t turn down the offer, even though the rigorous four-week schedule wasn’t the ideal timeframe to work on a massive studio tentpole.

“It’s not really. But you work with the time you have. And I’m not a person that has a bunch of other composers working for me, so it’s just me sitting up here in this room doing it. But I’m pretty good at focusing and getting down to business. I saw the film and I really, really, really enjoyed it, so there was no lack of ideas or inspiration, that’s for sure.

“The only worry the whole time for me was just the schedule. But I mapped it out and I thought, OK, if I do this much a day and I get this done that will leave me time to go back and improve if I need to before having to orchestrate.”

Fans won’t wait much longer to hear the fruits of Giacchino’s labor. Rogue One is slated to hit theaters Dec. 16, and as we learned Saturday, tickets for the film will be available starting Monday.

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Brent Hankins

Brent Hankins

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