Ron Howard In Talks to Direct Robert Downey Jr.’s ‘Pinocchio’ Movie

By February 17, 2016

It looks like Robert Downey Jr.’s long-troubled passion project may finally be gaining some traction.

After bringing critically-acclaimed filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson on last year to work on the film’s script (which still makes zero sense to me), not much has been heard about the Iron Man actor’s Pinocchio film since, other than a report confirming Anderson would not be directing the film as well, which I don’t think anyone really believed would happen anyways.

Now, The Tracking Board is reporting that In the Heart of the Sea director Ron Howard is being eyed by Warner Bros. to helm the project, which will feature Downey Jr. playing the live-action version of Pinocchio’s creator, Gepetto, and while plot details for the film are fairly mysterious for the moment, it will apparently follow Gepetto as he goes searching for his lost son.

Disney is also said to be developing a live-action version of the classic story, after their iconic 1940 animated Pinocchio film, while Guillermo del Toro is reportedly still looking to release a 3D animated version of the story at some point as well.

Howard seems like a good fit for the film on paper alone, and it seems like something he could pull off fairly easily, from both a special effects and story standpoint. Coming off of In the Heart of the Sea recently as well, which was a bit of a misfire, Howard might want to throw a little more variety into his projects moving forward, especially with the Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones-led Inferno set for release later this year as well.

In addition to PTA, the live-action adaptation has also received rewriters from several talented writers including Bryan Fuller (Hannibal), Michael Mitnick (The Giver), and Jane Goldman (Kingsman: The Secret Service), and I’ll be honest, if none of those writers could make a suitable version of this film, then it might be better off being left alone.

The Pinocchio film is currently in development.

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