Ron Perlman Wants to Play Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’

By May 19, 2016

Ron Perlman is probably most well known for playing the role of Hellboy in Guillermo del Toro’s two, engrossing and enthralling comic book adaptations. While both del Toro and Perlman have expressed their interests in making a third installment with the hero as well, it doesn’t look like any progress on the project has been made, and likely won’t be happening any time soon. Much the chagrin of the franchise’s dedicated fans out there.

So with that being said, it looks like Perlman has turned his attention to another comic book character, that is guaranteed to be receiving the onscreen treatment in a few years: Cable in Deadpool 2.

The actor posted about his desire to play the character on his Facebook page recently, and to his credit, points out some remarkable similarities between the two (we’re talking about the hair, okay?):

X-Force creator, Rob Liefeld, has shared his choice to play the role in the film, and after Dolph Lundgren recently came out and expressed interest in the character as well, it looks like Perlman is just the latest name to join the fray for the sequel. Following Deadpool‘s massive success at the box office and on blu ray and DVD as well, you can’t really blame them either. Who wouldn’t want to join onto the franchise when they can?

Perlman would certainly provide an interesting counterpoint to the Merc with a Mouth’s banter as well, and though I’m not entirely sure about him playing Cable in specific, I’d be up for it if it meant a 2 hour film of Ryan Reynolds just making fun of a rugged Ron Perlman. That sounds like a good time any day of the week.

Deadpool 2 does not currently have a release date.

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