Ronda Rousey Wants to Star in ‘Metroid’ Movie

By February 23, 2016

Any child of the 80s knows that one of the biggest video games of the decade was Metroid on the original Nintendo system. It was right up there with Super Mario Bros. and Zelda in popularity, and Samus Aran became one of the most popular video game protagonists ever. Part of that popularity came from the fact that Samus was one of the first female heroes to be featured in a game. The franchise has endured the test of time, releasing eleven games over the various Nintendo platforms (a 12th, Metroid Prime: Federation Force is currently under development).

Ever since 1993’s pile of terrible Super Mario Bros. film, Nintendo has put the kibosh on any films featuring their characters. Given the very shaky history of video game film adaptations, that hasn’t exactly proven to be a bad idea. However, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto revealed last year that they’re slowly softening their stance on the subject. I imagine Nintendo will be closely monitoring the reception upcoming films like Assassin’s Creed and Warcraft, and should either or both of those films do well that could go a long way towards convincing the company to give it a go.

Should Nintendo change their mind about feature films, Metroid seems like a prime candidate to make the jump to the big screen. And, as revealed in a recent interview with GameSpot they’ve already got a volunteer to step into the role of Samus: Ronda Rousey.

I’ve always wanted to be Samus. That would be badass. I love how people found out later that it was a hot chick on the inside. And then most of the day you’re in a suit, so you can just hang out and eat donuts and be the star of Metroid. I hope they make a movie out of that.

There’s no question that Rousey’s star is on the rise, with featured roles in Furious 7Expendables 3, and an upcoming gig as the lead in the Road House remake. While she’s certainly not the most gifted actress alive, she’s a pretty perfect pick to play the intergalactic bounty hunter. Besides, it still might be a while before Nintendo even agrees to make a Metroid movie, so she’ll have plenty of time to take a few more acting lessons. Should this film see the light of day, there’s no question the video game giant will put everything they can behind it, so having one of the most dominant fighters on the planet in the lead role would be a very good start.

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