RUMOR: ‘Suicide Squad’ Casts Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

By December 17, 2014

Perhaps the most definitive member of DC Comics’ Suicide Squad isn’t actually a member at all: she’s a ruthless administrator, a puppet master who pulls the strings of the criminals under her influence from afar to see that the job in front of them always gets done — no matter what. That person is Dr. Amanda Waller, a fierce and effective government official that won’t hesitate to kill any member of the Squad if they get out of line, nor will she bat an eye if anyone opposing the goals of her mission get in either her way or the Suicide Squad’s. Waller is a prominent figure in the DC Universe, always skeptical of superheroes and heroines, and has the means to take down many of them if she needs to. She’s also made Batman blink, which is far more than most people could say, and the Dark Knight holds Waller in the appropriate regard she deserves: one of the most dangerous people on Earth.

Naturally, when it was revealed that director David Ayer would be making a film adaptation of Suicide Squad for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, one of the biggest questions automatically became which actress would embody Waller. According to Latino Review, we have a name to put to the character: Viola Davis.

Davis is probably best known for collaborations with director Steven Soderbergh in his films Traffic and Solaris, as well as her Academy Award-nominated performance in John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt starring Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Davis will actually be the fourth actress to embody Waller in live-action, who appeared in 2011’s Green Lantern played by Angela Bassett, and on television in “Smallville” played by Pam Grier, and who currently appears in “Arrow” by Cynthia Addai-Robinson. Outside of the comics, Waller’s most famous appearances were likely in the “Justice League Unlimited” animated series, where she was wonderfully voiced by actress CCH Pounder. Pounder also reprised her role as Waller in both the Batman: Arkham Origins and Arkham Origins – Blackgate video games.

The Latino Review report makes mention of the fact that Davis’ busy TV schedule on “How to Get Away With Murder” will need to be sorted before she actually commits. Once those details are worked out, the report says, then she can actively sign on the dotted line and stand as the leader of the team embodied by the likes of Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Tom Hardy. Waller will also have to be careful, since it looks as though Jared Leto’s Joker is somewhere in the mix for the film as well.

Suicide Squad will be the third released film in the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe, and will bow in theaters on August 5th, 2016. For more on Suicide Squad and other upcoming DC Comics-based films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeThe Flash, and Aquaman, be sure to keep an eye on GeekNation!

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