Rumor: They May Be Re-launching The Entire DC Comics Universe All Over Again

By January 23, 2016

Since DC decided to re-launch the whole darn universe a few years ago and call it the new 52, fans have been divisive.

Some are angry that it messed with comic book lore, made terrible character changes and that it would take the genuis criminal mind of Lex Luthor to understand the continuation timelines. Others debate that it was a fresh new start, allowing fresh takes on favorite stories and giving new fans an easy “jump in” point.

It may be about to happen all over again.

Bleeding Cool  reports that they believe this June will mark the start of a whole new re-launch. According to the site, DC will start to market it’s comics based on the popularity of the movies about to release. They apparently hope to concentrate on characters currently in the films. Mostly Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad.

Some comic book staples will start over in June with all new #1 issues and some won’t be around at all anymore. Rumor continues that anything to do with a television show or movie will be fine.

The comics following the movies isn’t a total shock; both DC and Marvel have tried a bit of that in the past. Re-launching the entire universe in a New 52 style format is a gutsy move, however. You have to imagine that the character looks will change once again, matching more closely to the looks of the heroes on screen.

UPDATE: If you needed more evidence, co-publishers Jim Lee  and Dan Didio just tweeted this:

How do you feel about this DC Comics fans? Are you done with the New 52 and looking forward to a change? Or done with the relaunches? This is a developing story, so stay tuned to GeekNation for more updates.


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