RUMOR: Warner Bros. May Announce ‘Green Lantern’ Reboot Plans at SDCC

By June 24, 2015

Although Green Lantern proved to be a critical and commercial disappointment when it was released to theaters in the summer of 2011, Warner Bros. has previously stated that the character will be appearing, in some form, in the upcoming DC Comics-based cinematic universe that was established by 2013’s Man of Steel, and which will continue in next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Now, with Comic Con International in San Diego fast approaching, some rumors for exactly how that will be accomplished are starting to come into play.

According to Collider, one possibility is that the new Green Lantern film will focus not on one, but up to three human Green Lantern characters. The primary characters for this will be John Stewart and Hal Jordan, the latter of which was played by Ryan Reynolds in the 2011 film, and who’s likely to be recast going forward. The rumor also figures in Guy Gardner, another human Green Lantern, as a possibility to appear as a character of focus in the upcoming film. Furthermore, the sources behind the supposed information state that the franchise could end up rotating between several different Green Lanterns as it explores the concept more fully, and to give the idea that the story is more about the Corps itself than any one member.

In DC Comics lore, the Green Lantern Corps was established by the oldest beings in existence, the Guardians of the Universe, in order to protect everything from the intergalactic forces of evil. With the universe divided into 3,600 sectors, the Guradians first recruited one indigenous lifeform from each sector to become that section’s Green Lantern, a member of an intergalactic law enforcement unit armed with a weapon only limited by the bearer’s imagination. The Green Lantern ring is fueled by the bearer’s willpower, making the best Lanterns the ones who have the ability to overcome and conquer great fear, and focus their will into tangible constructs, allowing them to enforce the law.

Over the past decade, the Green Lantern Corps of the DC Universe has grown to include two Lanterns from each sector, bringing the Corps’ numbers to 7,200 strong. Although the 2011 film hinted at the vastness of the Corps itself, there’s still a lot of room to explore the concept, perhaps unifying platoon-centered war films with high space opera.

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