Russell Crowe: “I saw a UFO!”

By March 7, 2013

You read and see a lot of things on Twitter but when an Oscar winner says he saw a UFO, you tend to perk up.

Yesterday, Russell Crowe set the Twittersphere on fire when he tweeted said claim with a YouTube link of the footage. Crowe said the camera, a Canon 5, was set up “to capture fruit bats from (nearby) Botanic Gardens” and it was a “big surprise” when they captured images of said UFO.

When followers began offering explanations that it’s possibly nothing more than “light reflections” or a “beacon from a sailboat,” Crowe replied that “the camera is on a balcony and not behind glass,” and that the UFO in question “can’t be a lens flare because it moves, camera is fixed (into position)”

Example of a lens flare…see also JJ Abrams (admitted) overuse of said flares in Star Trek.

Well, enough jibber jabber…observe.


The video’s pretty damn cool, but it sure would be even cooler if it WAS a UFO.

Not one to scoff at a scientific possibility,’s Cosmic Log started digging around and while some were saying that it was possibly “reflected sunlight from a plane passing near sunset,” it was ParaBreakdown‘s Phil Poling who provided the answer.

I COULD just tell you but I’m gonna teach you to fish instead of catching it for you.

Take it away, Phil!


That’s right, darlings…it’s a sailboat. I almost wish it HAD been a UFO but I gotta say the images themselves are still pretty damn cool.  UFO or no, Crowe still managed to capture an image that would be a perfect conversation piece in any home or office.

“What’s that?”
-It’s an image of what Russell Crowe thought was a UFO but turns out it was a sailboat!

After watching ParaBreakdown‘s video, my mind went straight to this scene from Mallrats.


Pretty sure Crowe’s got a sense of humor so he’ll laugh it off but if he doesn’t, he joins an ever-growing list of celebs like Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice), Mick Jagger, John Lennon and William Shatner (yes, really) who’ve said they’ve seen UFOs too.

But I have a third explanation: Crowe is totally f***ing with us for all the ballbusting we’ve given him over the years.

Either way, I was REALLY hoping for another mashed potato mountain.

EDITOR UPDATE: 3/7/13 4:40 (C.J. Arabia)

Russell has taken to Twitter to respond to the Unidentified Floating Object theory.

I think Russell should come over to the GeekNation Soundstage in LA and tell his side of the this story and why he thinks this boat guy is all wrong. I, for one, am on whatever side Russell is on, on this one.

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