‘Saturday Night Live’ Writer Colin Jost Joins Cecily Strong as Weekend Update Co-Anchor

By January 24, 2014

Colin Jost - Weekend Update

Now that Seth Meyers only has a couple episode of “Saturday Night Live” left before heading over to “Late Night,” we’re getting a better idea of how the long-running late night sketch series will shift things around upon his departure.

THR reports head writer Colin Jost will be joining Cecily Strong as the new co-anchor on Weekend Update beginning on March 1st. We were wondering whether or not Strong would be left on her own at the Weekend Update desk when Meyers left, and in a way, we’re kind of bummed that she won’t get that chance. But the double news anchor system has worked really well for years now.

Jost has been the head writer since 2012. Here’s a taste of his stand-up from an appearance on “Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon from 2012:

Having the head writer be part of Weekend Update has been standard since Tina Fey took the desk during her time as a cast member, and continued with Meyers. It makes sense since being head writer and also doing Weekend Update is a pretty big responsibility. Jost has seen many accolades for his work including three WGA Awards, a Peabody Award and seven Emmy nominations. And just for good measure, he also went to Harvard and was one of the youngest writers hired onto the show (he was just 22 years old) when he first joined the team back in ’05.

We’re definitely interested to see how Jost handles himself at the desk with Cecily Strong when he takes over on March 1st.

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  • Darth Slacker

    ohhh… I get it. So that’s the reason SNL sucks so bad – so HE is getting a Promotion? yawn. NBC should PAY people just to leave it on. Where is the money tree NBC uses to keep paying these people and stay on the air? Someone should steal it, just to see what NBC does next – that I would watch.

  • Daisy Richer

    He is cool. I`ve watched some of his episodes. I like the way he gives impression. Not bad at all for me.