‘Saving Mr. Banks’ Director to Help Out With ‘Maleficent’ Reshoots

By October 11, 2013


If it seems like we’ve been waiting years for Disney’s live-action Maleficent to hit theaters, well, that’s a fair assumption – because it’s true. The long-gestating film finally got in front of cameras last summer with Angelina Jolie in the title role, but despite principal photography being complete, the film is reportedly still in need of some reshoots.

THR reports that John Lee Hancock, who recently completed Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks (yes, that’s the one about Walt Disney and his professional relationship with “Mary Poppins” author P.L. Travers) and is known for his work directing smash hit The Blind Side, has been brought on board to help out with some reshoots for the film, a reworking of the Sleeping Beauty tale. The outlet reports that while Hancock will not be directing the reshoots (which will take about eight days), he will be present on set while the new scenes, which he wrote, are being shot.


Hancock wrote “several new scenes” that are due to be added to the production, and he will “help oversee” the shoot by the film’s helmer, Robert Stromberg, who is making his directorial debut with the film. Producer Joe Roth explains the situation quite plainly, telling THR, “We asked him to be on set…He’s not directing. He wrote pages, and I hired a first-time director, and it’s good to have [Hancock] on set.” Roth seems heartened by the rest of the film, saying, “The movie is gorgeous to look at, and the last 75 minutes are really entertaining.” The rest of the film? Eh, maybe not so much.

Jolie is not expected to be in this new round of reshoots, so let the speculation begin that the beginning of Maleficent centers on a her character as young witch, perhaps portraying some childhood trauma that led her to the dark side. (Jolie, however, reportedly has some scheduling conflicts.)

The film is still due to hit theaters in March of next year. Think there’s anything to worry about here, or are you looking forward to Disney’s twisted take on one of their most iconic villains?

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Kate Erbland
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