SCIENCE!: Former SpaceX Executive Designs The “World’s First High-Performance Stiletto”

By May 8, 2015

Ah, the perfect pair of heels.

The search (and claims of such) have gone on since time began – okay, so not THAT far back…we’ll say since the invention of the modern stiletto (1930s). Heels make your calves look amazing as well as that extra 3 to 8 inches of height BUUUUUT also make your feet hurt like a mofo after a couple hours of standing/walking/dancing/chasing your kids around in them, am I right?

Enter Dolly Singh.

dolly at beach.jpg

This founder and CEO of Thesis Couture spent five years as an executive with SpaceX, where walking around in said high heels was not a fun, comfortable experience. So in that vein, she and a team — that includes an orthopedic surgeon, a fashion scientist AND an astronaut — have come together to create a heel made from high-quality plastic and polymer that will redistribute pressure, making them “the world’s first high-performance stilettos.”

Check it out!

Now before you get TOO excited, all this science comes with a price. These shoes will run around $925 a pair, but I’m guessing that they’ll last a lifetime! With the tagline “Style without sacrifice,” AND the fact that we can design our own, I’m even tempted to save up for a pair!

What do you think?

(Thanks for the heads-up, Elite Daily!)

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  • David Johnson

    Just another Amazing innovation coming from a Space X Family. That company only recruited the best & we’ll probably see a lot more projects like this coming from Ex-Members!!

  • Thomas Kelly

    That’s a cool idea that you might only need one shoe throughout your lifetime, but I think that women won’t be so keen on not having multiples of footwear to choose from in their wardrobe, lol.

  • lily

    2015 has been such a good year for inventions! us humans keep reaching greater heights with every passing year!