‘Scream’ TV Series Displays First Trailer

By April 13, 2015

Although the slasher genre is often seen by many movie fans as a less than meritorious genre, 1996’s Scream was a bright spot for it. Directed by horror icon Wes Craven, Scream was largely lauded by critics upon its release and grossing over $173 million at the box office on a modest $15 million budget, Scream proved to be the beginning of a new franchise. While spawning three sequels, only 1997’s Scream 2 managed comparable success to the original film, and 2011’s Scream 4 signified the end of the franchise in its current form. Now, though, it’s about to find new life on the small screen.

Last night at the MTV Movie Awards (via Deadline), the network premiered the first trailer for “Scream: The TV Series.” The brief footage should certainly look familiar to fans of the film franchise, which could prove to be either a benefit or a detriment as the show gets ready to hit the air. See the trailer below.

The series is trying to seek a more modern conception, with a report from last year giving a brief synopsis for the pilot episode’s concept. It reads,

The pilot […] kicks off with a YouTube video going viral, which will have adverse repercussions for teenager Audrey and seemingly serve as the catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to [her] town’s troubled past.

“Scream: The TV Series” will be executive produced by franchise creator Wes Craven, along with “Arrow” producer Jaime Paglia, and will be a co-venture between MTV and the Weinstein Company’s Dimension TV. The first episode is set to premiere on June 30th. For more on “Scream: The TV Series” as it takes place, keep an eye on GeekNation!

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Chris Clow
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  • Aaron

    they are seriously making this a tv series now?

  • SamuelMGee

    please stop with these horrible shows based off movies!!!!

  • 420leanin


  • YAmendola

    it looks decent but I’m really not impressed

  • Thomas

    I’m actually really curious as to how this show will be

  • DHaywood

    maybe it’ll be one of the better “horror” soap operas

  • lily

    This is cool, the movies were great, i think it will adapt well into a series too!

  • Thomas Kelly

    looks pretty unexciting to be honest.