“Screenframing” With Fangirl Quest: The Ultimate Road Trip

By June 5, 2015

The quick way to describe Fangirl Quest would be, “2000 miles, three Finnish girls, one tiny car, loads of narrow roads,” and tons of pictures from iconic geek film/TV show locations — with a twist.

Satu, Tiia and Johanna of Fangirl Quest

Satu, Tiia and Johanna of Fangirl Quest

The long and amazing version would be much more fun to read. According to their site, Tiia and Satu wanted to take a road trip to see filming locations for some of their favorite shows to take some pictures, like any tourist would. Then, they decided to turn it up to 11 by also using their tablets and phones with stills from said shows, shot in said locations, to do what they call “screenframing.”

“Like giving it a modern kick,” as they say on their site.

Three Finnish girls, one tiny car, 2,000 miles and loads and loads of narrow roads later…

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

“Screenframing” is a quite clever; instead of saying “Blah blah blah was filmed here, this is the part where…” these ladies just grabbed a still from the scene, put it on the tablet, held up said tablet in frame and voila: instant recognition of scene/show/film! I love what these ladies have done, as it gives the location so much more perspective. The care that they give each shot — with their UK trip garnering 5,000 pictures to choose from — lets the fans who may not ever be able to visit these locations have a taste of what it’s like, along with some happiness.

Holmes and Watson at Kitty Flynn's, Cardiff

Holmes and Watson at Kitty Flynn’s, Cardiff

Theon is baptized in the faith of the Drowned God (Game Of Thrones)

Theon is baptized in the faith of the Drowned God (“Game of Thrones”).

If you come to the end of their entire slideshow, don’t despair! Fangirl Quest recently crowdfunded a 7,500 mile road trip and drove from Vancouver to New York, screenframing all the way!

From 2009’s Star Trek:

Vasquez Rocks

Vasquez Rocks

To 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness

Getty Museum

Getty Museum

If you want to see more of their amazing adventures and their beautiful screenframes, be sure to visit their official website and tell them I said hi!

*all photos by FangirlQuest.com

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  • David Johnson

    This is Too Cool, Thanks Cricket & all of @GeekNation for pointing out excellent projects for Me to #GeekOut on. I’m still waiting for the #SDCC Map to plot the quickest route to Your booth!!!!

  • Jane Keating

    wow such an awesome idea, would love to do this with all of the Game of Thrones locations

    • Daniel

      Yeah me too, I believe most of it is filmed in Northern Ireland, and some in Croatia and other places

  • Katey

    BEST IDEA EVER! gotta go check out their site 😀 visiting these locations will bring back the emotions from watching for the first time, would love it! 😀

    • JessicaKx

      Was gonna comment about it being the best idea ever, but you already beat me there lol. I must go check out what cool movies/shows have been filmed around where I live, cuz I wanna do ScreenFraming!

  • RogerSmiles

    Totally gonna do this on my trip around europe this year!!

  • Mikey Silva

    those girls are geniuses. what a great way to travel.

  • Jason

    damn it, pretty recently I actually traveled the almost same route as these girls, and I didn’t take one screen frame !! :/
    Guess I am not as intuitive, feel like redoing the whole trip now though lol!