SDCC ’13: Foo Fighters Guitar Hero Challenge At Video Games Live

By July 22, 2013

On Saturday, July 2oth, I attended my very FIRST Video Games Live and saw one of the most epic and uplifting things EVER.

Enter Max Linsenbard, a guy who just happened to be better at everyone else at Guitar Hero that particular night. When VGL founder and longtime video game composer Tommy Tallarico called him up to the stage, it was anyone’s guess what was going to happen to this Hodor-sized dude who made the GH guitar look like a ukulele.

The deal was he had to score 400k on “Hard” in the Foo Fighters track “The Pretender” on the GH guitar while Tallarico played on a real guitar, this happened:

(NSFW for slight language)

When the smoke cleared, not only did Max score OVER 400k, he took home a $1000 gifty from Amazon and the adoration of everyone in that theatre, Tallarico included.

After the show ended, tons of gamers wanted a pic with Linsenbard…and rightly so.

Photo courtesy of Video Games Live’s Facebook page

Way to go, Max! You earned that prize, man!

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