SDCC 2012: Supernatural Recap

By July 20, 2012

This year at Comic-Con, the cast of CW’s Supernatural returned to show off new clips from their show. First were some clips from season 7 as a reminder of the journey so far. Dean’s faced hell before, but now he’s trapped in purgatory. Bobby may have “died” last season, but Jim Beaver strongly implied that he will be back for season 8.

When they took fan questions, they kept using the answer, “Anything is possible.” They also coined one of my favorite terms while up there, “Apocalytopi,” which is eight apocalypses that occur simultaneously. That deserves a place in Urban Dictionary.

The most entertaining fan question came from someone just wanting to know what Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins thought of the fan pairing, “Dastiel.” Once it was explained to them what it was, Jensen responded with “It’s cool. We like it.”

The panel ended with the premiere of their new gag reel for season 7. They’re quite famous for their hilarious gag reels and this one was no different. The whole panel was very funny, which you can watch here.

Season 8 of Supernatural will premiere Wednesday, October 8th at 9 PM.

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