See How Jake Gyllenhaal Acted Opposite Himself in ‘Enemy’

By February 18, 2014

Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy is a twisted, deeply psychological drama in which Jake Gyllenhaal plays two identical characters. I’ll have a full review coming at the beginning of March (the film is available now on DirecTV and hits theaters on March 14th), but even if you haven’t seen the movie, this behind-the-scenes featurette offers some insight into how the filmmakers overcame the challenge of practically filming Gyllenhaal acting across from himself.


We’ve seen movies in which characters have played identical twins or doppelgangers before, but I just assumed all of them were created by the actor acting as one character opposite a stand-in, and then going back and acting as the other character, and the editor splicing the two takes together. But here, Gyllenhaal acts opposite a tennis ball (which has to be moved on the fly to match his eye line, a feat that sounds incredibly difficult) and listens to himself reading lines as the other character. The cool part? None of this stuff comes across at all in the final movie – the interactions look completely natural, so they pulled this technique off without a hitch.

Enemy hits theaters on March 14th.

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  • William B Valencia

    I cannot imagine the work that must go into these projects. How can you react to a tennis ball? Hats off to Jake for having the chutzpah to try and pull it off.

  • Susan P Graham

    OMG! What could be HOTTER than 1 Jake Gylenhaal in a movie. 2 of them. I am a huge fan and am so excited to get a peek at this offering. What a credit to the cinematographers and directors to acheive this one! Bring It On!