Sega Suing Now-Defunct THQ Over ‘Company Of Heroes 2’

By July 11, 2013

Even after THQ filed for bankruptcy and was broken up and sold off, their woes continue as several companies AND former THQ execs are now coming to get what’s owed to them (and then some).

When THQ was pieced out and sold to the highest bidders, Sega walked away with Company Of Heroes developer Relic Entertainment as well as the CoH IP for a whopping $26.6 million; now they’re suing for a VERY specific sum they expect THQ to pay them over for their share of Company Of Heroes 2 pre-orders before THQ kicked the bucket.

Sega has filed a claim for $941,710.93; the amount Valve paid to THQ for pre-orders. 20,755 CoH2 pre-orders were made through Steam (Valve’s digital distribution/DRM/multiplayer platform) from September 2012 and January 2013, totaling $1,345,301.29 with Valve getting a 30% cut from Steam sales and the remaining 70% to publishers and devs.

And because Valve paid THQ after their December bankruptcy filing, Sega says that $508,877.85 is “entitled to priority.”

But good luck to Sega if they think they’re getting any of it – along with Double Fine, Codemasters and former THQ execs Jason Kay and Jason Rubin trying to collect, there’s a long line of companies saying THQ needs to pay what they owe (which, if all paid out, is around $200 million).

At this point, it’s like getting blood from a stone and you can’t really get blood from a stone – unless you do it this way:


It’s a fact!

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