‘Sherlock 3’ Assembles Writing Team To Solve Case

By October 30, 2016


Robert Downey Jr’s goal of starting production on a third Sherlock Holmes film by the end of the year may no longer be within reach. The project, however, is alive and well – it just needs a better story.

To that end, according to Variety, Warner Bros. has begun assembling a writer’s room to help shape the story.

Screenwriter James Coyne had previously been tapped for the third installment, but it seems his script is in play no longer. Along with Village Roadshow Pictures and Downey’s production team, Warner Bros. has put together an impressive list of talented scribes, including Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy), Justin Malen (Baywatch), Gary Whitta (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Geneva Dworet-Robertson (Tomb Raider) and Kieran Fitzgerald (Snowden).

Any of these writers would be a solid choice on their own, but combining their talents could easily result in the best Sherlock Holmes film to date – which is precisely what Warner Bros. is hoping for. The original film grossed $524 million worldwide, and the sequel eclipsed those numbers with $545 million, so the franchise is still a viable property – it’s just a matter of getting the ball rolling.

Writers rooms are fairly common in the television world, allowing a team to plot the overall course of a season and divide the episodes among the group. But it’s only been in recent years that film productions have begun using this technique. And even in those cases, it’s typically only done when the studio is crafting a franchise or a connected universe, such as Paramount’s Transformers series or Universal’s upcoming slate of monster-related films, beginning with the reboot of The Mummy.

So with that in mind, could the producers of Sherlock Holmes 3 be looking ahead to the future? Could the screenwriters attached to the project be laying the groundwork for multiple films?

Some might be willing to bet the answer is yes, but until we get an official announcement, all we can do is speculate.

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Brent Hankins

Brent Hankins

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