The Film Pigs

Wonder if it’s worth plunking down $14.00 to see that film everyone’s talking about? Let an Emmy nominated writer from the hit TV show “Weeds,” an actor who has been in “Weeds,” and a video game designer from the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor franchises give you their take on the latest releases.

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  • Colt Howard

    When are the normal episodes coming back? Anyone know?

  • Timothy W Williams

    Love me some film pigs! These guys keep getting better and better.

  • Christopher D Wellborn

    These guys are hilarious. There is something about the little guy that seems like he always wants to dress up as a female. LOL Reminds me of Benny Hill.

    • Lee C Steel

      Benny Hill! Ha Ha Good one!

  • Lee C Steel

    These guys are great!

  • Carla B Fultz

    There is a strange awkwardness that works ! Hee Hee

  • Nancy A Roller

    70 mm!!! These guys are pretty funny.

  • Jeanne A Ortiz

    These guys are really funny!! Will be watching for SURE!!! Love the mix….

  • Francis L Patterson

    Great!!! Want more!!

  • Everett C Milligan

    These guys are greatness!

  • Jacquelyn N Conway

    I love Steve Agee!

  • Michael O Chafin

    I would pay to be a fly on a wall in this room…. PAY BIG BUCKS

  • MarkJCreech

    Film Pigs, my favorite

  • Pat Rick

    ok if it weren’t for these guys I wouldn’t have become a true GeekNationer

  • Aaron

    my reason to live on Thursday

  • SamuelMGee

    I recently turned into a Film Pig lol

  • 420leanin

    they never let me down

  • Thomas Kelly

    Every single episode is great guys, Funny yet interesting & informative! <3

  • OldDadGrungehead

    Can someone please re-upload Ep:226 of the Film Pigs? It says it is not there.

  • OldDadGrungehead

    They coming back? I miss the Pigs!

  • OldDadGrungehead

    Sooooo…..is this the end of the video portion of the Film Pigs? Is everyone too distraught over Chump and his cronies? Or…..or….is everyone so BUSY in their professions that their paying output will increase exponentially? Hmm……

  • OldDadGrungehead

    I guess that’s it? No more videos? This sucks. 🙁

    • Film Pigs

      Sorry to say it looks like the GN show is on indefinite hiatus – our terrific one-man-band who did all the shooting and post-production has moved on to new challenges. We’re still doing our podcast and assorted other bits at http://www.filmpigs.com and we’d love to do more GN episodes in the future if the stars align. Thanks for watching!

      • OldDadGrungehead

        Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.